9 Feb 2014

So Sue Me Secrets to Blogging, Fashion and Beauty

The next book in my MUST READ list is Secrets to Blogging, Fashion & Beauty by Suzanne Jackson. Now if you haven’t heard of this book yet, you have most certainly been living under a rock (especially if you’re Irish) Suzanne Jackson is one of Ireland’s leading fashion and beauty bloggers.Her blog So Sue Me.ie has over 350,000 international readers, over 95,000 Facebook fans and now Suzanne can add best-selling author to her list of talent, honestly this woman is unstoppable, I have heard her newest project is going to be a beauty based app, to say I am excited would be an understatement.

After noticing just how popular the So Sue Me blog was becoming, and seeing how many girls were seeking her advice on all matters from fashion, beauty and life in general, an Irish publisher got in touch and offered Suzanne the chance to write her own book. Sue set about putting her book together and after months of intensive hard work, the So Sue Me book was born.

The title of the book (So Sue Me Secrets to Blogging, Fashion and Beauty) says it all. It may as well be the Irish beauty lover’s bible (honestly that’s pretty much what it has become).  Each chapter takes a different section and focuses on all the questions those beauty lovers and aspiring bloggers want answers for. 

What I love most about the book is how personal it is, from finding out her journey from the very beginning to tweets from her fans being included in the book, her personality really shines through and you feel like you're almost reading an autobiography at times, after reading the book I feel like Suzanne is a personal friend of mine because I know everything about her, it’s amazing.

Regular readers of her blog will love how she has stayed true to her personal writing style throughout: it’s written in the same way as her blog, friendly, relaxed and true to herself.  It’s also FULL of pictures which I absolutely love.

As expected, the makeup tips are brilliant.  Unlike some authors/bloggers that feel they need to show off with using high end products which are just unaffordable for the average girl, Sue keeps it real and makes sure that the products she recommends are affordable and accessible to all us beauty lovers, even those on a tight budget, I also think this incredible because it really shows how much she thinks about her readers.

When I first heard about the book I thought it was aimed at bloggers but that’s not the case.  Yes Sue’s background is in blogging and there is a chapter on blogging tips and advice but it’s not what the main focus of the book is about and it is suitable for everyone, whether you're a blogger or not. There really is something for everyone in it.

The So Sue Me Secrets to Blogging, Fashion and Beauty has become one of my most loved books and thanks to my gorgeous boyfriend I was lucky enough to get a signed copy for Christmas which makes it that little bit more special to me.


  1. O wow! This sounds amazing Becky. I think this will be on my must read list too.

  2. Yea Rachel it's so good I absolutely love it, shes an Irish beauty icon now, check out her blog too, I think you'll really like it, honestly anything she recommends will be sold out here in a couple of days, thats how loved she is over here. You can buy it on amazon. xxx

  3. This book looks brilliant! I think I might need to invest! I've followed your blog - feel free to have a nosey at mine :) xx


    1. You definitely should it's absolutely brilliant. I LOVE it. I will definitely check it out sweetie, thank you for the follow.