22 Dec 2013

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser

Ok so its confession time, something you won’t know about me, I'm fairly lazy when it comes to moisturising my body and hate the thick, sticky texture of many body products which puts me off reaching for body lotions and the best of times.

I find this very ironic Considering I spend SO much time taking care of the skin on my face, cleansing, toning and moisturising you’d think I’d be as good about the skin on the rest of my body. Not the case (AT ALL) I hate applying moisturizer because I feel like my body is slick and greasy feeling when I slip into my clothes or my PJ’s .

I had seen the spray on body moisturisers by Vaseline on various blogs but truth be told paid them little mind as like I said I am fairly lazy with products of this nature and never go out of my way to read reviews on them.

There were three variations of this Spray & Go body moisturiser from Vaseline on the shelves; Aloe Fresh, infused with pure aloe, Cocoa Radiant which is infused with Cocoa Butter and the one I chose, Total Moisture which has pure oat extract.

I honestly feel like this moisturiser was made for people like me and I have become completely obsessed with it.  The convenient can allows for a fine mist of moisturizer to be applied anywhere on your body and takes a minute or two to absorb once I rub it in a little bit.  It's not sticky or greasy and I can get dressed almost straight away, making it a perfect morning or evening moisturiser (for me it’s normally evening).
I'd say it gives a light-medium level of moisture, a body butter (like Soap and Glory ‘The Righteous Butter’) being on the high end of the scale. Although not as thick as a regular moisturizer this still provides all the great benefits of a regular moisturizer hydrating skin with a lovely fresh scent.  Each can 190ml and costs £4.99.

One more thing, it is great for travelling as you can lock the spray cap and you can be sure that there’s no in-bag leakage which is great for me because of traveling to and from the UK so much.
I honestly really love this stuff and will definitely be trying out each of the different variations and stocking up on it for winter.

Have you tried Vaseline Spray and Go, are you loving it as much as I am?

E.L.F Studio Single Eyeshadows

I recently signed up to ELF for their email updates and I am so happy I did. I have  heard so much about the ELF products and I have been on the ELF website numerous times looking and lusting over different products but I always found it so difficult to pick products due to the amount of different products there are, I never knew what to pick, there was just too much choice. When I received and e-mail letting me know that ELF were having a very generous 30% off sale across the whole website, I knew that this was my opportunity and it wouldn't be long until my online basket was over flowing with some lovely beauty bits (especially as I wasn’t feeling well, I was smothered in a cold and thought this would be a great way to cheer me up……it worked). To be honest, I didn't really need anything and for someone obsessed with trying new makeup, not needing anything isn't ever going to stop me. I’m not going to lie, I’d imagine no matter how much makeup I have I will always want more (my boyfriend says I have a problem). Makeup is most definitely my weakness and I have no problem admitting that.

I will do a review on all the products I bought but as of yet I haven’t been able to give the other products a proper test as I haven’t used them enough, but when I do you guys will definitely be the first to hear what I think.

To be honest I’m in limbo on deciding if I like these eye shadows or not.
In saying this I am definitely not disappointed in any of the eye shadows, the colour pigmentation is not as vibrant as I expected, but for the price of them what can you expect.
You really need to build the colour and this can cause a lot of fallout but when the colour is built up it is really very pretty. It just means you need to do your eye makeup and clean away the fall out before doing the rest of your makeup, which isn’t really a problem for me as this is normally what I do anyway.
I agree that the shadows have a lovely soft texture. That being said the eye shadows are quite powdery so blending is very important.

I really feel that you need to use an eye shadow primer or base before using the shadows; it is a powdery eye shadow that will crease and fade if a primer or base is not used. It may last about 2-3 hours with no primer but I have discovered that using primer increases the staying power and it will easily last 6-7.
I’d have to say my favourite thing about the product is the packaging.  It’s very simple yet sleek, they have a small mirror inside and what’s even better is if there any fall out it does not stick to the outside of the packaging so your palettes don’t end up in a mess. I also love that it snaps closed really secure so you can be sure if you put it your makeup bag it won’t open and make a mess.

Have you tried these shadows, do you like them?

20 Dec 2013

Lime Crime Lipstick

I’m going to start this review with a confession, a rather large confession for a lipstick lover like myself.

I haven’t actually known about ‘Lime Crime’ lipsticks for that long, I was definitely very late jumping on the band wagon when it comes to these little beauty’s, but I also must admit I had been lusting over the lipsticks for up to two months before deciding to purchase them, I really didn’t know if I wanted to fork out €13 on a lipstick I wasn’t sure I would like, especially when I knew I loved MAC lipsticks and knew I could buy one of them for almost the same price but Lime Crimes wide variety of loud colours really pulled me in and boy am I glad, I’m in love. I ended up ordering two lipsticks, ‘Mint to be’ and ‘Airborne Unicorn’.

I must admit Lime Crime lipsticks are now one of my favourites, with its amazing, bright shade selection (I feel like I need one of every colour) and its unique packaging. I mean who doesn’t love unicorns? I do that’s for sure. The packaging is slightly bigger (and much brighter) than that of MAC, but it’s pretty similar with the shape and the shade name on the base.

‘Airborne Unicorn’ is a lovely pastel purple colour and is very wearable, the formulation is lovely and it is very opaque and thick with only one swipe, but if you’re like me you will do 2 or 3 out of pure habit.

‘Mint to be’ is a pastel green shade and is not as wearable as ‘Airborne Unicorn’ (you have to be pretty brave to wear this one) but is still a beautiful colour, it also has a very opaque finish and after a few hours I could definitely see the stain it left behind. The only thing I would say is it is a small bit more drying on your lips than ‘Airborne Unicorn’ but this has to be expected when it comes to colours like this one. The formulation has to be quite different to that of the more ‘normal’ coloured lipsticks.

The formula is lovely and creamy and the lipsticks have a lovely vanilla scent which makes them even more enjoyable to wear. It lasts about 3-4 hours on my lips, I didn’t need the help of a lip liner to get a bold, even colour but it is very important to exfoliate and hydrate the lips before applying this lipsticks, I also feel this adds to the staying power.

I know after trying out these two that I will definitely be adding to my collection, my aim is to have one of each colour, I feel it’s a must.

Have you tried Lime Crime Lipsticks, what’s your favourite colour? 


I don’t know about you but I know when it comes to winter my skin absolutely hates the cold weather and it really suffers. There are plenty of pesky colds and flus flying around (I seem to catch every single one as my immune system is virtually non-existent) and I often find that blowing my nose causes the edges of my nose to become dry and red. Also in general my skin becomes very dry, problematic and spot prone during the cold winter months which I find very strange as I don't normally suffer from bad skin.

In Ireland we have one miracle cream that solves all our problems. Sudocrem, my mum has used Sudocrem as a nappy and all over problem-solving cream on me my whole life along with a lot of other Irish Mammies. To this day I use Sudocrem on a daily basis (no longer do I eat it or spread it all over myself and the sofa) but it’s the only product that I use and trust to clear blemishes and problematic areas on my skin. I've used the original Sudocream Antiseptic Healing Cream in its well-known grey tub for my entire life (or for as long as I can remember). But recently I have been running low and my little grey tub was looking a little grubby and I knew Sudocrem had released a ‘Skin Care Cream’ very conveniently packaged in a little ‘handbag friendly’ tube.

Sudocrem Skin Care cream in the 30g tube and has been designed especially to tackle those confidence lowering skin problems, especially on the face. The ingredients are very similar to the original formula, but not as drying or harsh on the skin. It sinks into the skin really easily and doesn’t leave your face feeling as greasy as the original product does. This is a massive bonus for people like me who likes to use Sudocrem directly on the problem areas before bed. This used to result in not only my face but my pillowcases and sheets being covered in Sudocrem. The new cream sinks in very fast and leaves me moisturised yet not dry and most importantly not even remotely greasy (my pillowcases and sheets also benefit from this).
However what I love most about this product is the new packaging, it’s so handy and it’s a lot more hygienic to use as you’re not dipping your fingers directly into the cream every time you use it which I know is a bonus for the girls like me who love having their gel and acrylic nails done.

As I have said I use this cream for everything, but the main use for the cream this winter is for treating the sore, dry red patches on the sides of my nose caused by blowing my nose and the dry red areas around my eyes caused by my eyes watering. This really has been a life saver for me, especially being able to carry it with me in my handbag or when I’m traveling and applying it as regularly as I want. I find myself using it a lot on the airplane traveling to and from the UK as I find the air-conditioning very drying on my skin.
If you’re a fan of the original Sudocrem you should definitely give this a go, I recommend it to everyone.

Do you use Sudocrem, have you tried the tube version? 

2 Dec 2013

Me,Myself and I

So here it goes, welcome to Angels Secrets.

I have wanted to set up my own beauty blog for so long now so I decided I would finally take the plunge and do it. The whole process made me surprisingly nervous, I’ve never really put myself out there so this is all very new to me, exciting but also nerve wrecking.

I have a serious love for shopping (some would call it an obsession) and I am beyond obsessed with makeup and beauty products and trying out anything new that takes my fancy. I’ve only ever shared my thoughts and reviews with friends, family and anyone who would listen to me really (Think they're a little sick of it at this stage).  I’ve been inspired by so many beauty bloggers and you tube beauty gurus. I've been reading blogs and watching videos on you tube for years now and I thought what the hell, and one cold November evening Angels Secrets was created.

I’ve been building my makeup collection for just over 2 years now and I want to start this blog based on the products I have been lucky enough to be able to purchase and try already, my favourite products (so far) and any tips and tricks that I have to share.

Although my blog will mainly be makeup and beauty related I am also studying hairdressing in college so I plan on adding some hair care to my blog too.

I love a lot of different brands both high end and drugstore as I know not everyone wants to empty their pockets for beauty products and I am always willing to try something new and share what I think with other people.

Angels Secrets is my safe haven and a place for me to share my love of life, fun and most importantly beauty.

Any way that’s enough from me for now, I hope I haven’t bored you too much. I really hope you enjoy my reviews pictures and thoughts on all things beauty.

Kisses, Becky. Xx