30 Apr 2014

LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub

Hello Lovelies this review is definitely going to be short and sweet it’s about a product I recently repurchased as part of my lush haul.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub was actually one of the very first products I ever purchased and tried from Lush.  I first purchased it after seeing it appear in numerous blog reviews and Instagram posts and now it's a staple within my beauty routine that I really couldn't do without, I honestly don’t know how I ever managed without it.

As we all know I own and wear a hell of a lot of lipstick which is not complimented by dry and flaking lips and no matter how much lip balm I applied it wasn't until I started using the Lip Scrub that my lips were flake free, smooth and soft, the perfect base for lipstick.

Of course it helps that this scrub comes in such great edible flavours, I have heard great things about the bubble gum flavour and although it is bright pink and this would normally make it my first choice I absolutely hate bubble gum scented products, they absolutely turn my stomach. This smells like popcorn and has a caramel taste. It's a little messy to use so I reserve this for evening use in the bathroom with the help of my toothbrush.

It's quick and really simple to use, pop some on your lips, give a little rub and then lick or wipe off. Some people apply a balm first but I always use mine after.

Have you tried the Lush lip scrubs, what’s your favourite flavour? 

28 Apr 2014

INGLOT Lip Defence Treatment

Hello lovelies, today's post is a review for you all, recently I have been really loving INGLOT and I have been using their products more and more. 

In my recent Easter haul post I was speaking about a few items my aunt had picked up for me as part of my Easter gifts one being the INGLOT lip defence treatment.

I don’t think she knew when she was buying it for me but this is actually my second time using this product, the first time I picked it up was really by accident and  before I really knew anything about INGLOT as a brand,  I was shopping in Dublin with a few friends and my lips were really sore but I’m very fussy when it comes to lip balms so I wanted to try something different so I headed to the INGLOT counter and the girl advised that I tried the lip defence treatment and I instantly fell in love. 

The first shade I tried was actually 03 which is the orange colour and it was absolutely gorgeous but it took a spin in my washing machine so I was unable to use it again and honestly I had forgotten about it until I received it from my aunt.

Product Description:
  •  Hydrated the lips and prevents them from drying.
  • Regenerates damaged skin.
  • Vitamin E and evening primrose have nourishing and hydrating function.
  • The unique compound of acai fruit oil and pomegranate seeds oil guarantees regeneration of dry and irritated skin.

My Experience with INGLOT Lip Defence Treatment 02:

The lip balm is in a light pink colour and has a very mild strawberry/raspberry fragrance. It is mild and fades away within a minute of application. The texture of the lip balm is very soft, creamy and slightly thick. It glides easily on the lips and instantly makes it soft. It is not greasy or slippery. But as it as a slight thick texture, I feel it’s a little bit heavy and slightly sticky on my lips.

The formula does moisturize lips really well. People with excessively dry and chapped lips will find it hydrating and healing. The lip balm stays on for two hours and then goes away, but my lips feel softer even after it fades away. The formula of the lip balm has absolutely no sheen, so you can apply it as a base to your lipsticks. The most impressive thing about the lip balm is the SPF 25, it is perfect for people who are looking for good lip protection, and this is also perfect as were coming into spring/summer especially considering the sun is finally showing its face in the UK and Ireland.

Pros of INGLOT Lip Defence Treatment 02:

  •   Simple and functional packaging.
  •   It makes lips smooth.
  •    It is non greasy.
  •    Hydrates and moisturizes well.
  •    Softens lips.
  •     Heals chapped and very dry lips too
  •      Lasts for about 2 hours.
  •      Protection of SPF 25.
  •      It can be used as a base for lipstick.
  •      Mild fragrance.
  •      Paraben free.

Cons of INGLOT Lip Defence Treatment 02:

  •    Price, I find it slightly expensive.
  •    It feels slightly heavy and sticky, but not totally uncomfortable for me

Overall, a MUST have product  especially for those who use matte / long stay lipsticks as it is the      perfect base, even as a regular lip balm it is absolutely brilliant. Have you tired the INGLOT lip defence treatment, what are your thoughts? 

26 Apr 2014


Hello lovelies, it’s time for another haul. It feels like I have been shopping so much recently and the truth is I have but I’m home from college for my Easter holidays so I figured why not treat myself a little.

Unfortunately I’m going back to the UK soon which means back to my student house and back to only having a bath and not a shower, in some ways this is a real pain because there’s no such thing as a quick shower, having a bath actually takes so much time but it does mean constantly having the excuse to use bath bombs so obviously a trip to Lush was in order.

I also wanted to have a look at some of the Easter range and pick up a few bits before it was gone because I have seen so many great reviews on them and I figured what better time than when I was in Cork with Cían, although poor Cían hates lush, as soon as we walk in he feels nauseous and leaves with a headache which is a real shame because I love Lush so much.

When we got into Lush I headed straight for the table with all the Easter treats on it, I had heard so many great things about the “Bunny Bubble”, bubble bar and as soon as I saw it and smelled it I knew I had to have it, it’s so cute and smells absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait to use it.

I then picked up the “Fluffy Egg” ballistic, what the label says “A very sweet, very delightful, VERY fluffy pink egg, run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get in, then take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom, before launching you ballistic into the water and watch it fizz away”   I’m not quite sure whether this is part of the Easter range or is a permanent product but it looks so pretty and if I’m honest I really can’t say no to anything that is bright pink with flowers.

I then moved over to the tables with all the regular products on, I decided before I went it that I wasn't allowed buy anything that I had used before which was harder than I thought (was nearly impossible to stay away from my beloved “Sex Bomb”).

First thing I picked up was “Space Girl” bath ballistic, what the label says “Get the bath full of water before launching your space ship shaped ballistic. Whizzing it around the bathroom making shzoom shzoom noises is optional: It doesn't add anything to the bath water but it does make bath time a bit more fun” I was drawn in by the pretty colours and glitter this is another product I have read many great reviews about so I knew I had to try it.

Next I picked up the “Butterball” bath ballistic, this is not the most attractive looking of the lush bath bombs but it does smell absolutely incredible so I really couldn't resist dropping it into my basket.

The final bath ballistic I picked up was “Twilight” again it was pink so I couldn't say no and also its absolutely huge which always sways me towards a product, I’m not really sure why but I feel as if maybe it’s more value for money.

The last time I picked up was the “Popcorn” lip scrub and this actually broke the rule I set for myself because this was a re purchase, I recently ran out of my lip scrub and absolutely love it so I need to pick up another.

I really want to try a face mask from Lush but unfortunately the staff in the Lush store in Cork weren't very helpful so I didn't really get to speak to them about a face mask so I will just have to wait till the next time I visit a lush store.

If you could recommend a face mask that you enjoy using that would be absolutely amazing. What are your favourite Lush products, anything you would recommend me try? 

23 Apr 2014

Easter Weekend Makeup Haul

Hello lovelies, hope everyone had a good Easter; mine was so lovely I spent it in our house in county Cork with my parents and boyfriend and the weather was incredible which makes it even better.

In saying that  I did misbehave a little bit and my back account and my boyfriend’s bank account is really feeling it (sorry Cían) but what better to do on a weekend away with your boyfriend then go shopping and completely splurge and what better to splurge on then makeup.

Cían and I took a trip into Cork city on Easter Sunday, in retrospect thinking about it; it wasn't the best idea because obviously on Easter Sunday most of the shops were closed all except one, the fabulous brown Thomas, this couldn't have made me happier because this meant that MAC was open.

Unfortunately it wasn't my best trip to MAC as the girl I was dealing with although she was lovely she didn't seem to know much about the products and admitted to me that I seemed to know more than her and what was worse is that they didn't seem to have any of the products that I wanted , MAC in Cork isn't the biggest so the stock is never the best but Its MAC so I still managed to pick a few bits up (after all it is MAC and this is ME were talking about *MAC OBSESSED*).

Firstly I picked up an empty palette for the eye shadow insert I already had the story behind this is explained in one of my previous posts here.

Now we will get onto the more exciting stuff, I picked up a blush insert, and eye shadow, a brush, a pressed pigment and of course a lipstick.

The blush I picked up is in the shade “Full of Joy” I wanted the pan version because obviously it’s for my palette but because the MAC store in Cork isn't a pro store they don’t do the pan version but It’s OK because I can decant it and use the case as part of my back to MAC pieces.

Next thing I picked up was a pressed pigment, I was looking for something to wear on the inner corners of my eyes that would make them “pop”, originally I was looking at loose pigments but they didn't have the colour I wanted so she recommended “light touch” and as soon as I swatched it I knew it had to be mine the colour is gorgeous and perfect for my inner corner.

I then moved onto eye shadows, I am building a new palette and as we all know I love my neutrals so I am trying to move out of my comfort zone and add a little colour into this pallets so I picked up the colour “Idol Eyes” it’s a gorgeous colour and also what a cute name. Cute quirky names are an added bonus. Post on my MAC palettes here.

Then obviously I moved to lipsticks, it’s virtually impossible for me to take a trip to MAC and not pick up a lipstick and right now I love the frost finishes and I picked up the colour “strength” a gorgeous rose gold colour, I can’t get enough of gold/brown lipsticks at the minute I just think they’re beautiful and so different.

We then left MAC and went venturing further into the store looking at clothes and accessories when Cían said “we didn't buy any brushes, you wanted the 228” firstly I was gobsmacked because he remembered I wanted a brush and secondly I was so proud that he remembered the number and everything so he brought me straight back down to pick up the brush, in the end I didn't actually pick up the 228, I picked up the 239 instead and I have fallen deeply in love with it already (I will pick up the 228 and another stage).

As if all that shopping wasn't enough I then took a trip to TKMaxx with my lovely Auntie and I picked up two bits, I really can’t say no when it comes to a bargain and my auntie is such an enabler, I love shopping with her because she justifies every purchase for you. 

I picked up the HD brows pro eye & brow palette I couldn't be more chuffed with this find as this wondrous palette will be perfect for my professional makeup kit and use in college, I like to think brows are my thing (I don’t think my tutors would agree).

Finally in TKMaxx I picked up a Two Faced lip-gloss “Sweet Sunshine” in the shade “Papaya Slushie” it’s a gorgeous coral colour and will be perfect for Spring/Summer, I can’t wait to start wearing it.

I then quickly ran into Fuschia to pick up one of their “Putting on the Glitz” glitter pots, I have recently seen one of my favourite INGLOT makeup artists using these a lot and I knew I needed to try one, I picked up the colour “White Diamonds”, it’s absolutely stunning but unfortunately the girl told me they have discontinued the colour and it was the last one they had so I don’t know what I’m going to do if I fall in love with it and am unable to repurchase it.

I also picked up the “Glitz Fix” this is the product they use to stick the glitter down and hold it, always a handy product to have in your kit.

That’s the end of the bits Cían and I purchased the next few bits are actually gifts from my darling auntie, every Easter she fills a hollow cardboard egg with little gifts and chocolates for myself and my sister, this years has to be my all-time favourite, she completely spoiled me (thank you Pam).

For my birthday Pam bought me loads of bits from INGLOT and my Easter egg had the same theme, I am REALLY loving INGLOT at the minute so couldn't be happier.

I got 10 new eye shadows in some absolutely gorgeous shades 463, 73, 313, 61, 357, 494, 446, 409, 461 and 53.

I also got a lip defense treatment in the shade 02; I have had one of these before and absolutely loved it so I know I’m going to enjoy using this one.

Finally I got a pro beauty blender and Milk and Tonic makeup remover wipes, I have never tried either product from INGLOT, I am pretty sure the beauty blender is new but I have heard wonderful things about it and you can never go wrong with makeup remover wipes, especially travel size, just perfect for me.

I’m sorry this post was a little long guys but I accumulated quite a few things, I probably should have written two separate posts but never mind, I hope you enjoyed and made it to the end.

Have you seen anything in my haul that your thinking about picking up, would you like individual reviews on any of the products?

21 Apr 2014

INGLOT AMC Matte Gel Liner

Up until a few years ago I had a love/hate relationship with gel eyeliners, on one hand you have a lot of control while applying, you can create different effects with different brushes, and they were the only type of eyeliner I could create a wing with, while on the other hand I wasn't satisfied with the gel eyeliners I tried. 

The first gel eyeliner I tried was the famous Blacktrack Fluidline by MAC, which always ended up beneath and around my eyes and refused to stay in place it was also the first gel liner I had in my professional makeup kit. The second gel eyeliner I tried was by Maybelline also not a huge success, the eyeliner dried out within a couple of weeks. I had almost given up hope on gel eyeliners when my rescue came in the form of the INGLOT AMC Eyeliner Gel Matte.

I was recommended this product by the lovely Kiva Cusack when she came to my college to do a demo with INGLOT when she was working for the brand, I honestly don’t know whether I decided to buy it because it was Kiva who recommend it and I was little star struck or I actually wanted it but it really has been the best decision I ever made and will never go back, it honestly is the best eyeliner I have ever tried.

INGLOT Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gels come in small plastic tubs; far more travel friendly than the MAC Fluidline glass jars and the comparison doesn’t end there. INGLOT gel eyeliners contain 5,5 grams of product while MAC Fluidlines only contain 3 grams of product and the best thing is that  the INGLOT  eyeliner is cheaper and even cheaper for pro MUA’s with the INGLOT discount card (20% who can say no?).

The INGLOT eyeliner has a soft, creamy consistency that is easy to apply to the eyelid. The eyeliner dries very quickly and when it’s dry it’s waterproof and doesn't smudge or crease and therefore is also perfect for use on the waterline.

The only downside to this product is that it’s harder to remove than all the other eyeliners I've ever tried (Kiva did warn us about this before we purchased it, I didn't really take much notice but my god was she right) so you can’t really make mistakes. If you happen to make a mistake you must try correcting it immediately because once this eyeliner dries you can only remove it with make-up remover.

 At the end of the day the trick to remove this eyeliner is to let the make-up remover soak a bit into to eyeliner and then gently wipe it away. It’s the price you have to pay for having perfect eyeliner during the day.

What I like about it:
  •  Available in 20 different colours.
  •  It’s waterproof.
  •  It doesn't smudge or crease.

What I don’t like about it:

  •           It’s harder to remove.
  •          There aren't many stores in the UK so it’s hard for me to purchase it when I’m not at home.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this eyeliner.

There are 20 colours to choose from and I’m thinking of getting another one as right now I only have black in my personal kit and black and white in my professional kit. If there are any colours you recommend, please let me know.

What’s your favourite gel eyeliner?

20 Apr 2014

Soap and Glory, Clean On Me

Up for review today we have another infamous Soap and Glory product. I'll be honest, that before I received it in my gift set for my 21st birthday I didn't know it existed,  but ever since using it I know it is going to be product that it will have a permanent home in my bathroom and shower, I honestly can’t enough of it.

The first thing I noticed about the shower gel is its size. You get 500ml of product for £5.15 which I think is really good. I knew it was going to last me ages and it really has, like I said I have had it since my birthday and I haven’t even used half the bottle. 

I love products that double up, and this one gets points for the built-in body lotion. My first thoughts on using it were how luxurious it felt and how moisturising it was. The information on the bottle recommends turning the shower off while you rub it on, so it doesn't all wash down the drain, adding to the idea how luxurious and precious it is. It comes out as a thick cream, and although not as foamy as a gel wash it does lather well. It feels more like a body lotion in the shower than a wash.

The cream has mandarin peel extract in it, and although it has a slight fruity smell to it, I wouldn't say it was an obvious orange scent. It smelled more flowery to me, almost with a hint of rose to it. Regardless of this I could still smell it on my skin later, so this is another positive. A little goes a long way too so you hardly have to use anything to use on your entire body.

I would definitely re purchase this shower gel; it lasts for a long time so it’s so worth the money. Smells divine, it’s really moisturising, really there’s nothing bad to say about it.  Boots usually have 3 for 2 on Soap and glory products (I know there’s 3 for 2 in Boots at Ireland at the minute) so make sure you look out for them next time you go to pick up a few items.

Have you tried Soap and Glory Clean on Me, what Soap and Glory products would you recommend?

19 Apr 2014

Big Beautiful Eyes, What Colours Will Suit You

I absolutely love eye shadow, no scrap that I am absolutely completely and utterly obsessed with eye shadow, it’s almost as bad as my lipstick addiction.

There are so many people out there who just don’t know how to work with eye shadow. Well the best place to begin is with the rules.

Rule is a pretty strong word but it’s the best word to use, the rules have a lot to do with your eye colour. So, I've made it super easy for you. I've given you a guide for what will suit you.

In terms of textures, Powder eye shadows should be used on top of the eye to intensify the colour and are better for contouring. They make it really easy to create the perfect amount of contrast to your eye colour and are perfect for blending and shading. I generally like to use a cream eye shadow either as a base or as quick wash of colour over the lid. Link to my review on the MAC paint pots here.

Green and Hazel Eyes
For green and hazel eyes use golden browns, warm taupe’s, deep purples, soft peaches, pinky golds and soft violets as they work really well and add a lovely contrast to the greens in the eyes. To find out what brings out hazel eyes, look for flecks of natural colour near the pupil.
Try green, brown, gold and black coloured eyeliners.

Brown Eyes
For those of you who have brown eyes, you are very lucky since most shades suit this eye colour. Emerald greens and dark navy blues can really make a dark eye stand out.
Try purple and blue coloured eyeliners.

Blue Eyes
Rich warm browns; warm taupe’s, soft peaches and dark greys can really offset and add contrast to a blue eye. Blue eye shadow may also detract from the natural colour of the eye although it’s not a complete ‘no-no’.

Blue eyeliners will help in enhance the colour of your eyes.

This is a short post but I really hope it will help you, it sounds odd but I will always keep a colour wheel in my makeup kit because this makes it super easy to check on the colours that will suit you, just go to the colour of your eyes on the wheel and the colours opposite will be the colours that will suit and compliment your eyes the most.

What are your favourite colours to wear?

18 Apr 2014

Brand Focus INGLOT

Hello beauties, so as we all know I have a complete MAC obsession and that’s very obvious to anyone that reads my blog but I also have a bit of a secret obsession with a brand that I really feel is an un sung hero and isn’t spoken about or known enough.  That is INGLOT. This post was actually requested by one of my readers Ciara, she has been thinking about venturing into INGLOT and want to know a little bit more about the brand.

INGLOT’S mission:  To produce high quality products at fair and reasonable prices, using only the best possible ingredients and raw materials from the most reputable suppliers.

Their “Freedom System” of palettes is what they are most famous for.  The combinations are endless.  There are 15 different shapes and styles of palettes.  You can have only “face” palettes” or only “eye” palettes if you want, but there are also combination palettes where you can have 2 eye shadows, a blush and a face powder all together. 

Each palette has small magnets in all four corners of the lid as well as the palette itself.  So it easily pulls into place when you are closing up your palette.  You can also stack palettes and use only one lid on top. This is a great feature for professional mua’s because it means taking up less space in your kit, only downfall is the palettes are quite heavy which is a little unfortunate but as we all know nothing is perfect.

Everything is customizable, so you choose all your own product’s or they will help find the products that are perfect for you (The INGLOT girls are some of the nicest I have met and honestly couldn’t be more helpful), when you are in the store you walk around with a big magnet, so you choose the colours you like pick them up and stick it on your magnet, I love this way of shopping because it means you can see everything together and keep track of what you are interested in, I often find myself colour co-ordinating and building my palettes on my magnet board, unlike in MAC you have to imagine what your palette is going to look like and you can’t actually be sure if the colours you have chosen will work together in INGLOT you just know because they are all there in front of you. Genius right? They couldn’t have made it easier for you.

For comparisons sake, eye shadow pans at MAC are €12.50 each and that isn’t even taking into account that you have to buy the palette €18.00 and the insert €8.50 and you get less product whereas the INGLOT eye shadow pan is €6.00 and the 10 eye shadow palette which is €15.00 I will post a link to the online store here unfortunately I could only find the UK store but this way you can see the price and the amazing variety of colours.

Their range of pigments is also HUGE.  You get 2g of product. I have three of their pigments but only have two with me as there new the colours are stunning.  I was sold before I even swatched them. Link to all the pigments here.  I have swatched the colours #3 and #17.

One product from INGLOT that I honestly can’t live without is their eyeliner gel, it is my Holy Grail product it is completely incredible unlike any other I used to always used to use MAC fast track but ever since using this I will NEVER go back. It’s perfect for use on the water line or lid and literally does not budge; only down fall is it dries up incredibly quickly but that can easily be fixed with a little bottle of the INGLOT duraline (another product I cannot live without).  Gel liner here, duraline here.

What I love:
  •  The amount of each product in each pan is enormous.  From what I’ve noticed, not all pans are the same; it seems to vary depending on the texture of the shade.  My matte shadows are each 2.3g and my others vary from 2.5g up to 3.5g.
  • Their Freedom system of palettes is amazing and unlike any other brand I know. 
  • I love how you can stack all of your palettes together and simply put a lid on the top one. 
  • Rainbow eye shadows, they have a line of rainbow eye shadow pans that actually have 3 shades of the same colour in one palette pan. Link here.
  • They cover everything from eyes, lips, face, brushes and accessories.
  • Their selection of pigments is huge compared to MAC cosmetics and each and every colour is gorgeous.
What I hate:
  • The shadows aren’t named, only numbered.  I like being able to use a name when talking eye shadow colours, rather than a number, I am more likely to remember the name of something rather than a catalogue of numbers.
  • Unlike at MAC, they don’t offer samples of their loose pigmented eye shadows.  You can try them all in store, but if you want to check it out with your makeup from home, you will have to buy it.
I really hope this has helped a few of you out and as much as I hate to admit it, I recently have been veering more towards  INGLOT than MAC which means saving a lot of money (good)  but I feel as if I’m betraying all my MAC babies (bad).

If you've found this post helpful and want me to do one on the INGLOT face products and palettes let me know in the comments below. 

Have you tried out any of the INGLOT products, anything you can recommend that maybe I haven’t tried?

17 Apr 2014

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Nior Excess

If there is one makeup product that I get through like no other, its mascara. I don’t know if it’s just me but honestly I feel like I’m buying a new one every two or three weeks. I have do a fair amount of mascara reviews on my blog and the majority of them are good but what tends to happen me is I buy a mascara use it for a week fall madly in love with it think it’s the bees knees and then within the next week it has dried out and I no longer enjoy using it. It happens every single one except my holy grail Benefit They’re Real mascara but with me saving for the USA at the end of May I really don’t have the money to be spending on mascara so I have been on the hunt, and girlies I think I may have found it.

This is what the L'Oreal website claims about this mascara;

"The brand new anti-clump wiper removes surplus mascara: no overload, no clumps. Our biggest ever Millionizer brush separates lashes for dramatic volume. Finally, opulent volume meets sleek definition!"

Having already tried the L'Oreal telescopic and the extra volume collagen I didn't have particularly high expectations of this but I was persuaded to buy it due to its ‘brand new anti-clump wiper’ designed to remove excess mascara to provide a clump free application. This intrigued me as I thought all mascaras pretty much had an ‘anti-clump wiper’ in the form of a narrow neck that pulls off the extra mascara as the brush is squeezed through it? Obviously I was wrong.

The wand is bendy, thin and long. I usually like the bigger brushes but they tend to be hard to get to the root of the lashes and the thinner brush means I can get the brush into the roots and inner corners.

The application was very easy, even small lashes were coated after one sweep, and clumps were far and few between.  It has that ‘glossy’ texture that leaves the lashes looking really healthy. One of my biggest problems with drug store (and some high end) mascaras is the flaking throughout the day. This was not an issue with million lashes excess, even after applying first thing in the morning it was still intact at the end of the day in exactly the right place with no fall off under my eyes which is a major bonus with me because often I tend to forget I’m wearing makeup and rub my eyes and this normally results in big black panda eyes but not with this absolute gem.

I also loved that even with two coats my eyelashes still feel flexible, there is none of that glued together crispy feeling.

The price is really reasonable, £10.99 and I must admit this is actually me second tube now and I can see myself repurchasing again.

Have you tried the Volume Million Lashes mascara, do you enjoy using it as much as I do?

16 Apr 2014

Zoo Trip and Makeup Haul

Hello beauties, so it’s Easter and that means Easter holidays so I’m home in Ireland for 2 weeks. I love being home because it means I get to spend time with my boyfriend family and friends. It’s so nice not having to worry about buying food and best of all not having to get up early (who doesn't love those lazy duvet days?).

Before I got home Cían told me he had plans for a day out for us on his day off and almost straight away I knew he was planning the zoo, we had been talking about the zoo for ages and he knew I badly wanted to go. I hadn't been to the zoo in years which is absolutely ridiculous because I love it, it’s so close to me, it’s not too expensive and it’s perfect for a day out especially with the weather being as good as it has been recently. I was so excited and Tuesday just couldn't come soon enough.

When we arrived at the zoo we realized we weren't the only ones with the great Idea and we ended up having to queue for 30 minutes but honestly it went so fast I didn't mind, I was too excited nothing could dampen my spirits.
We watched the sea lions, penguins and giraffes being fed and easily spent at least 3 hours walking around we made sure we saw absolutely everything and the time honestly flew, obviously before we left we had to take a trip to the gift shop, it was the first time Cían and I had been to the zoo together so he wanted to buy me a little treat as something to remember the day by.

Another strange little fact is that no matter where Cían and I go together if there is a penny press we get one, it’s kind of become our thing so that was the first thing we did and then obviously it was straight over to the soft toys, he bought me a gorgeous fluffy owl teddy and a giraffe key ring for my car keys because owls and giraffes are my favourite animals (he’s so thoughtful like that).

After the zoo we decided to take a trip into the city centre, I promised myself I wouldn't spend money and as you can probably imagine that really didn’t go well.

If you’re Irish you will know a trip to Dublin isn't complete without a visit to Brown Thomas and MAC and as we all know I am completely MAC obsessed so I couldn't go in without buying something but before I go into what I bought I have a little explaining to do.

Ok so for my birthday as part of my presents Cían wanted to buy me the MAC blush palette because he knows have I love my palettes and having all my makeup organised unfortunately when he went to buy it they had no inserts so he decided to buy the palette anyway and we could pick up the insert at another stage and ever since my birthday I have been looking for the insert and couldn’t find it anywhere so naturally when we got into MAC in BT’s it was the first thing I asked for and surprise surprise it was sold out.
So Cían and I had a little chat and decided that we would buy an eye shadow insert for my empty palette and we would get a blush palette when we went to the USA.

Obviously I couldn’t start a new eye shadow palette and only have one in it, it would have been lonely so I picked up and eye shadow pan in the colour Sweet Lust which is a gorgeous shimmery baby pink colour.
I then picked up two new brushes, I really wanted the 228 but unfortunately it was sold out so I got the 213 which is a mini shader brush and I got the 219 which is a pointed pencil brush and I cannot wait to start using them.

When we were leaving Cían spotted a blush insert in one of their display palettes so straight away we went to the desk and asked could we buy this one, we were talking to an absolutely lovely girl who couldn’t be more helpful and agreed to sell us the insert (I was too excited) so NATURALLY I decided I’d pick up a few more lips, what is a trip to MAC without buying a lipstick so I picked up two to add to my ever growing collection.

I picked up the colours Viva Glam Niki which is a gorgeous pinky/coral colour perfect for spring time and the second one I picked up was Chintz, this isn’t a colour I would normally choose myself but Cían picked it up and as soon as I swatched it I fell in love and knew I needed it, it’s a gorgeous shimmery brown colour and I am far too excited to start wearing it.

Next we went to Inglot, I wanted to go to sort out my pro discount card but I wasn’t planning on buying anything but when your given your new 20% discount card it’s hard to say no so I picked up a few bits.
I’m still working on filling the eye shadow palette my auntie got me for my birthday so I picked up 3 new colours shades 37, 15 and 606, I really am falling deeply in love with my Inglot eye shadows and I hate to admit it but recently I have found myself reaching for my Inglot eye shadow palette more than my MAC palette, the colours are just as pigmented as MAC but I find them nicer to use and easier to blend and they have just as wide a variety of colours as MAC but they’re much cheaper  the pans are only €6 each which is an absolute bargain.

I then picked up two body pigment powders, I have one of these which my friend Niamh kindly gave me and my life honestly hasn’t been the same since trying them, I love them, they just add that extra bit of zing to your eye makeup I got the shades 03 and 17.

I then picked up one of the staples for my kit, this is honestly my holy grail product the Inglot eyeliner gel in the shade 77 which is black, this is my go to gel liner it literally does not budge and is completely waterproof, I won’t use any other gel liner after trying this bad boy.

Finally in Inglot I picked up the 29PO brush which is also a mini shader, when it comes to eye makeup brushes and detailers I just can’t help myself it’s become a real problem.

The last shop we went to was Pennys/Primark, Cían wanted to get a cheap pair of shorts for the gym, when we got to the till Cían spotted these clear travel bottles and pointed them out to me, for €1.50 I had to pick up two because they are absolutely perfect for me for traveling because I love having my own cleanser, toner, moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner with me.

Last but by no means least I picked up these set of mini doughnuts for my hair I absolutely love the Mylie Cyrus hairstyle with the two top knots and finally my hair is getting long enough to try it so I picked these up to make it really easy for myself.

So that’s the end of my little haul to say I was spoiled is an absolute understatement, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and the perfect start to my Easter holidays.

15 Apr 2014

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

Hello my lovelies, today I’m coming at you with a review but a slightly different kind of review for me, this time it’s not a product it’s a tool and it is the Real Techniques silicone eye liner brush.

I will be doing a brush collection post soon as it has been requested a couple of times now but I wanted to do this post before I show you my complete collection (which is surprisingly small).

Out of all the make-up I own, eyeliner is definitely my daily essential, it has got to the stage that if I’m not wearing eyeliner or my statement flick even my boyfriend notices and ladies we all know it’s a pretty big deal when your boyfriend notices something different about your makeup, so when Real Techniques announced that they were adding a new Silicone Liner Brush to their range, I knew it had to be mine. It's been a while since I wore a gel eyeliner, mainly because I could never find a brush which was detailed enough for me to get the perfect cat-flick, I had stated using the felt tip liners that seem to be everywhere these days but I never really got on with them because I find they dry out so quickly and within my professional collection of brushes I actually use a Royal and Langnickle detail-er paint brush for my eyeliner and but it straight into brush cleaner after use to prevent the product from drying on it (but shhhhhh don’t tell anyone).

As you guys know may or may not know I am obsessed with Real Techniques’ brushes, and I think this brush is absolutely incredible, it makes it absolutely impossible for you to mess up eyeliner application. And there is no such thing as frayed bristles to mess up your line, you know how sometimes you have leftover product on your eyeliner brush, and it hardens so that the next time you want to use it, you have to find another brush? The silicone tip gets rid of that problem completely and makes cleaning very easy.

The brush seriously makes applying gel and cream eyeliner a dream. It also makes creating sharp, precise lines incredibly easy since the end of the brush is pointed and small.

So, is there anything wrong with this brush? Yes, there is one thing that does irritate me a little (it really is only a little though and I’m sure it is something I will easily get used to). Even though you can see when the product is running out on the tip, the real indicator is that it starts to drag on your lid a little bit. That would be due to that fact that the tip is silicone and it can get a little attached to your skin.

I cannot recommend this enough, for less than £6 it's inexpensive and saves me so much time in the mornings when applying my makeup and when it comes to me and early mornings anything that gives me an extra 5 minutes in bed is a amazing.

Have you tried any of the new Real Techniques brushes yet?

13 Apr 2014

MAC Paint Pots

So as you may know if you've been reading my blog for a while I am completely and utterly MAC obsessed in my eyes MAC can do know wrong but I have recently branched into a product that I had never really tried before because I wasn't really one for cream eye shadows but boy has that changed now.

MAC Paint Pots are MAC's take on cream eye shadows. They are versatile products because there can be several uses for them. You can wear them alone on the lids, as a liner, as a primer or as a base colour for powder eye shadow/pigments.

I was introduced to these products by one of the makeup artist in the Carnaby street Pro Store when my college was there for a demonstration evening which included discounts so it was the ideal time to pick up some new products and I can honestly say I have no idea how I ever lived without them and can’t understand why I waited this long to try them.

A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.
Swatches (L-R): Chilled on Ice, Vintage Section
Painterly, Soft Ochre, Ground Work

MAC Paint Pots are available in a huge range of different shades. I own 5 of the shades (hope to have the complete collection when I come back from the USA) ,none of which I have posted reviews for in the past, so I thought it'd be a good idea to gather them up and review them together.

Painterly - Nude Beige Cream (cream)

Painterly is a neutral, matte pink-beige. It has good colour pay-off and works as a perfect base for neutral eye shadow looks. It's a pretty versatile paint pot because it's such a natural shade; it blanks out your lid, making it a smooth, even canvas for your eye shadow to stick to. This is a new addiction to my professional makeup kit also and I use it under every application of eye shadow.

Consistency: Smooth, creamy and blends easily.

Soft Ochre- Pale Nude Beige (cream)

Soft Ochre is very similar to Painterly, it’s also a neutral matte colour, its slightly paler in colour than painterly.

Consistency: Smooth, creamy and blends easily.

Groundwork - Mid-tone neutral taupe (satin)

Groundwork was my first paint pot it is a shade that is suitable for every skin tone for a light wash of ash brown to the lids. It has good colour pay-off, and can be layered.

Consistency: Smooth and blends easily

Chilled on Ice - Soft Beige with gold pearl (frost)

Chilled on Ice is another versatile paint pot that can work with a variety of looks. It's sheer and frosty, and although it doesn't add much to the lids when worn alone, it works as a great base for every colour of eye shadow with any finish. Because of its light, frosty colour, it makes eye shadows used on top of it stand out a bit more.

Consistency: Smooth and blends easily.

Vintage Selection - Metallic brown (frost)

Vintage Selection is a metallic gold. It's one of my favourite paint pots because it looks pretty on its own, or combined with other warm eye shadows.

Consistency: Exceptionally smooth, easy to work with, blends easily.

I usually use my finger to apply Paint pots because I can pick up a good amount of product with my fingers, and my body warmth will soften the product, making it easy to blend on the lids. It's also easy to blend out harsh edges with the fingertips. In terms of brushes, I find a flat synthetic brush works the best (often times I use a lip brush or small concealer brush) especially with the drier texture paint pots, such as Quite Natural. Fluffy brushes don't pick the product up well, but they can work good to blend out rough edges.

MAC Paint Pots are packaged in clear, heavy glass jars with a black rubberized screw-top lid. It's the exact same packaging for their Studio Sculpt Concealer, and a bit smaller than their Fluidlines. They aren't the most ideal for travel because they are a bit heavy.

Because these are cream products, you have to make sure to close the lid tightly each time after use, because they can become dry.

If you haven't tried them yet, I definitely recommend trying one out at some point. I never thought I was going to like them. In fact, I thought they were an overrated product until I purchased my first one.

11 Apr 2014

Soleil Tan De Chanel

Hello lovelies, so you may or may not know (you will know if you read my 21st birthday haul post) I received the Soleil Tan De Chanel as part of my presents from my gorgeous boyfriend  and I have been absolutely loving it ever since, (Soleil Tan De Chanel) is a cream bronzer, it may be hard to believe that I am so in love with a cream bronzer as I have very fair skin and many fair skinned ladies hesitate to use it or presume it will be too 'orangey' on them and do not purchase it but I honestly couldn’t be more in love with it.

I completely agree with the hype around the product, it is absolutely gorgeous and can be used under or over your foundation.

Packaging wise once more this is of the typical Chanel styling with the famous interlinking double "C" trademark. The packaging is sleek with a luxurious feel with the round lid which twists open and a plastic covered lid inside to protect the cream bronzer. As for the size it is rather large and heavy so isn't ideal for travelling which is a bit of a pain for me but If I know I am going to be traveling and want to use it I tend to decant it into a smaller container which has been working for me, the bonus about the packaging being so big means that you get so much product inside (yay to Chanel for that).

Soleil Tan de Chanel is obviously a bronzing product with a strong yellow undertone. If you look up close when Soleil Tan de Chanel is in the pan it does have the tiniest flecks of glitter/shimmer which oddly don't translate on to the skin (I honestly couldn't be happier about this as I have always and probably will always hate glittery bronzers). I honestly fee that Soleil Tan De Chanel works absolutely perfectly with my skin tone and is suitable for light to medium skin tones but I have read many reviews that say it is a little too light for darker skin tones.

In terms of texture Soleil Tan de Chanel blends and applies a lot like a cream product and yet it has a whipped mousse like consistency.

Soleil Tan de Chanel is so lovely to wear, a little goes a long way and can be used as a bronzer or  mixed with foundation to deepen your base, I can honestly say it is one of the most natural looking bronzers I have ever worn and it is up there with NARS Laguna as one of my favourites.

This product is versatile as it can cater to the look you are aiming to achieve, a sun kissed glow or for a contour.

If I am using it as a contour I tend to apply it and then use a powdered bronzer on top to completely seal the bronzer so it lasts all day and doesn't melt or slide off my face and also tones down the potential orangey tone in some lighting.

Overall I would DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone who likes wearing bronzer, I’m not much of a bronzer wearer and I absolutely love it which is definitely saying something, all I would say is try it out before you decide to buy it because I have heard of it not suiting some people and it would be such a shame for you to spend the money and then not like the bronzer.

Have you tried Soleil Tan De Chanel, what are your thoughts on it?

9 Apr 2014

MAC Eye Shadow Finishes and Collection

Surprise surprise, a MAC related post on Angels Secrets blog, that’s strange (obviously I’m joking). I’m guessing you know this by now (and if you don’t where have you been? ) but I am completely and utterly obsessed with MAC and everything they do, I love the brand and the products and recently asked on Twitter would you guys be interested in seeing an eye shadow collection post and I got a very good response so here it is.
MAC make some of the best eye shadows of any makeup brand (in my opinion). They have a huge variety of colours, shades and finishes so you can create a varied palette but if you are new to MAC the different finishes might confuse you so before I go into the collection of colours in my palettes I am going to go through the finishes.


An iridescent shine that adds a highlight to any colour. Frost finish eye shadows have small shimmer particles that create a shining iridescent appearance. They can range from very metallic to minimally shiny. They are shimmery, but not glittery.


Is a smooth pearlized; intensely frosted with deluxe ultra-fine finish, for eye shadows. I don’t really like lustre eye shadows they have a very dry but shimmery texture with chunky glitter and lots of fall out.


 Very high colour pay-off with a no-shine matte finish. Matte eye shadows are those without any shimmer/sheen/glitter. They have flat colour with varying degrees of opacity.


Pure colour in a satin finish has a soft subtle non-frost, light-sheen. Satin eye shadows vary in their finish. Some appear completely matte, while a few are super frosty. The majority have a very subtle sheen or demi-matte appearance.


 Is a superfine pigment rich and supple to apply. Provides silky smooth matte finish, for eye shadows. Veluxe is a finish unique to MAC. It applies matte but with a smoother less powdery appearance. They aren't as pigmented as Matte eye shadows.


Vibrantly-toned and velvety soft, shimmery metallic. Veluxe Pearls are like a Frost but with a more metallic, pearly shimmer.


Soft look finish with high-colour intensity. Has a plush velvety look and feel.

My Neutral Palette
Top Row (L-R): Vanilla, Dazzle Light, Naked Lunch, Soba, Swish Chocolate
Middle Row (L-R): Shroom, Omega, All That Glitters, Patina, Espresso
Bottom Row (L-R): Nylon, Wedge, Sable, Amber Lights, Embark

Swatches (L-R): Soba, Swiss Chocolate, All That Glitters, Patina, Expresso
(I was unable to swatch Vanilla, Dazzle Light, Naked Lunch, Shroom and Omega because the colours just didn't come up on the camera at all)
Swatches (L-R): Nylon, Wedge, Sable, Amber Lights, Embark.

My Coloured Palette
Top Row (L-R): Taupe, Trax, Sketch, Humid, Silver Ring
Middle Row (L-R): Bronze, Cranberry, Swish, Club, Aquadesiac
Bottom Row (L-R): Wood Winked, Beauty Marked, Carbon, Sumptuous Olive, Crystal Avalanche

Swatches (L-R): Taupe, Trax, Sketch, Humid, Silver Ring
Swatches (L-R): Bronze, Cranberry, Swish, Club, Aquadesiac.
Swatches (L-R): Wood Winked, Beauty Marked, Carbon, Sumptuous Olive, Crystal Avalanche

Single Pringle
Mulch, Naked Pigment.

I'm sorry this was such a long post beauties but I really hope you enjoyed it, if you've any recommendations on colours I should get please leave them in the comments below.