19 Apr 2014

Big Beautiful Eyes, What Colours Will Suit You

I absolutely love eye shadow, no scrap that I am absolutely completely and utterly obsessed with eye shadow, it’s almost as bad as my lipstick addiction.

There are so many people out there who just don’t know how to work with eye shadow. Well the best place to begin is with the rules.

Rule is a pretty strong word but it’s the best word to use, the rules have a lot to do with your eye colour. So, I've made it super easy for you. I've given you a guide for what will suit you.

In terms of textures, Powder eye shadows should be used on top of the eye to intensify the colour and are better for contouring. They make it really easy to create the perfect amount of contrast to your eye colour and are perfect for blending and shading. I generally like to use a cream eye shadow either as a base or as quick wash of colour over the lid. Link to my review on the MAC paint pots here.

Green and Hazel Eyes
For green and hazel eyes use golden browns, warm taupe’s, deep purples, soft peaches, pinky golds and soft violets as they work really well and add a lovely contrast to the greens in the eyes. To find out what brings out hazel eyes, look for flecks of natural colour near the pupil.
Try green, brown, gold and black coloured eyeliners.

Brown Eyes
For those of you who have brown eyes, you are very lucky since most shades suit this eye colour. Emerald greens and dark navy blues can really make a dark eye stand out.
Try purple and blue coloured eyeliners.

Blue Eyes
Rich warm browns; warm taupe’s, soft peaches and dark greys can really offset and add contrast to a blue eye. Blue eye shadow may also detract from the natural colour of the eye although it’s not a complete ‘no-no’.

Blue eyeliners will help in enhance the colour of your eyes.

This is a short post but I really hope it will help you, it sounds odd but I will always keep a colour wheel in my makeup kit because this makes it super easy to check on the colours that will suit you, just go to the colour of your eyes on the wheel and the colours opposite will be the colours that will suit and compliment your eyes the most.

What are your favourite colours to wear?


  1. Helpful post, thanks for sharing! I have always wished for green eyes, but mine are brown, which as you say can be a good thing as they suit most colours! xx

    1. I would not be complaining about having brown eyes, brown eyes are so beautiful and really do suit most colours, your lucky. :) Xxx

  2. I have blue eyes, and I like to wear golds and bronzes, pinks and peaches. (sometimes I wear green which looks pretty good too!) I wish I had brown eyes though, then i could wear anything!

    1. I also have blue eyes, I don't really listen to the rules I pretty much wear whatever colour takes my fancy. :) Xxx