23 Apr 2014

Easter Weekend Makeup Haul

Hello lovelies, hope everyone had a good Easter; mine was so lovely I spent it in our house in county Cork with my parents and boyfriend and the weather was incredible which makes it even better.

In saying that  I did misbehave a little bit and my back account and my boyfriend’s bank account is really feeling it (sorry Cían) but what better to do on a weekend away with your boyfriend then go shopping and completely splurge and what better to splurge on then makeup.

Cían and I took a trip into Cork city on Easter Sunday, in retrospect thinking about it; it wasn't the best idea because obviously on Easter Sunday most of the shops were closed all except one, the fabulous brown Thomas, this couldn't have made me happier because this meant that MAC was open.

Unfortunately it wasn't my best trip to MAC as the girl I was dealing with although she was lovely she didn't seem to know much about the products and admitted to me that I seemed to know more than her and what was worse is that they didn't seem to have any of the products that I wanted , MAC in Cork isn't the biggest so the stock is never the best but Its MAC so I still managed to pick a few bits up (after all it is MAC and this is ME were talking about *MAC OBSESSED*).

Firstly I picked up an empty palette for the eye shadow insert I already had the story behind this is explained in one of my previous posts here.

Now we will get onto the more exciting stuff, I picked up a blush insert, and eye shadow, a brush, a pressed pigment and of course a lipstick.

The blush I picked up is in the shade “Full of Joy” I wanted the pan version because obviously it’s for my palette but because the MAC store in Cork isn't a pro store they don’t do the pan version but It’s OK because I can decant it and use the case as part of my back to MAC pieces.

Next thing I picked up was a pressed pigment, I was looking for something to wear on the inner corners of my eyes that would make them “pop”, originally I was looking at loose pigments but they didn't have the colour I wanted so she recommended “light touch” and as soon as I swatched it I knew it had to be mine the colour is gorgeous and perfect for my inner corner.

I then moved onto eye shadows, I am building a new palette and as we all know I love my neutrals so I am trying to move out of my comfort zone and add a little colour into this pallets so I picked up the colour “Idol Eyes” it’s a gorgeous colour and also what a cute name. Cute quirky names are an added bonus. Post on my MAC palettes here.

Then obviously I moved to lipsticks, it’s virtually impossible for me to take a trip to MAC and not pick up a lipstick and right now I love the frost finishes and I picked up the colour “strength” a gorgeous rose gold colour, I can’t get enough of gold/brown lipsticks at the minute I just think they’re beautiful and so different.

We then left MAC and went venturing further into the store looking at clothes and accessories when Cían said “we didn't buy any brushes, you wanted the 228” firstly I was gobsmacked because he remembered I wanted a brush and secondly I was so proud that he remembered the number and everything so he brought me straight back down to pick up the brush, in the end I didn't actually pick up the 228, I picked up the 239 instead and I have fallen deeply in love with it already (I will pick up the 228 and another stage).

As if all that shopping wasn't enough I then took a trip to TKMaxx with my lovely Auntie and I picked up two bits, I really can’t say no when it comes to a bargain and my auntie is such an enabler, I love shopping with her because she justifies every purchase for you. 

I picked up the HD brows pro eye & brow palette I couldn't be more chuffed with this find as this wondrous palette will be perfect for my professional makeup kit and use in college, I like to think brows are my thing (I don’t think my tutors would agree).

Finally in TKMaxx I picked up a Two Faced lip-gloss “Sweet Sunshine” in the shade “Papaya Slushie” it’s a gorgeous coral colour and will be perfect for Spring/Summer, I can’t wait to start wearing it.

I then quickly ran into Fuschia to pick up one of their “Putting on the Glitz” glitter pots, I have recently seen one of my favourite INGLOT makeup artists using these a lot and I knew I needed to try one, I picked up the colour “White Diamonds”, it’s absolutely stunning but unfortunately the girl told me they have discontinued the colour and it was the last one they had so I don’t know what I’m going to do if I fall in love with it and am unable to repurchase it.

I also picked up the “Glitz Fix” this is the product they use to stick the glitter down and hold it, always a handy product to have in your kit.

That’s the end of the bits Cían and I purchased the next few bits are actually gifts from my darling auntie, every Easter she fills a hollow cardboard egg with little gifts and chocolates for myself and my sister, this years has to be my all-time favourite, she completely spoiled me (thank you Pam).

For my birthday Pam bought me loads of bits from INGLOT and my Easter egg had the same theme, I am REALLY loving INGLOT at the minute so couldn't be happier.

I got 10 new eye shadows in some absolutely gorgeous shades 463, 73, 313, 61, 357, 494, 446, 409, 461 and 53.

I also got a lip defense treatment in the shade 02; I have had one of these before and absolutely loved it so I know I’m going to enjoy using this one.

Finally I got a pro beauty blender and Milk and Tonic makeup remover wipes, I have never tried either product from INGLOT, I am pretty sure the beauty blender is new but I have heard wonderful things about it and you can never go wrong with makeup remover wipes, especially travel size, just perfect for me.

I’m sorry this post was a little long guys but I accumulated quite a few things, I probably should have written two separate posts but never mind, I hope you enjoyed and made it to the end.

Have you seen anything in my haul that your thinking about picking up, would you like individual reviews on any of the products?


  1. That MAC lipstick is absolutely stunning! It's the perfect red, I love it :)
    Daniela | danielascribbles xo

    1. It really is the perfect red I haven't stopped using it since I picked it up. :) Xxx