16 Apr 2014

Zoo Trip and Makeup Haul

Hello beauties, so it’s Easter and that means Easter holidays so I’m home in Ireland for 2 weeks. I love being home because it means I get to spend time with my boyfriend family and friends. It’s so nice not having to worry about buying food and best of all not having to get up early (who doesn't love those lazy duvet days?).

Before I got home Cían told me he had plans for a day out for us on his day off and almost straight away I knew he was planning the zoo, we had been talking about the zoo for ages and he knew I badly wanted to go. I hadn't been to the zoo in years which is absolutely ridiculous because I love it, it’s so close to me, it’s not too expensive and it’s perfect for a day out especially with the weather being as good as it has been recently. I was so excited and Tuesday just couldn't come soon enough.

When we arrived at the zoo we realized we weren't the only ones with the great Idea and we ended up having to queue for 30 minutes but honestly it went so fast I didn't mind, I was too excited nothing could dampen my spirits.
We watched the sea lions, penguins and giraffes being fed and easily spent at least 3 hours walking around we made sure we saw absolutely everything and the time honestly flew, obviously before we left we had to take a trip to the gift shop, it was the first time Cían and I had been to the zoo together so he wanted to buy me a little treat as something to remember the day by.

Another strange little fact is that no matter where Cían and I go together if there is a penny press we get one, it’s kind of become our thing so that was the first thing we did and then obviously it was straight over to the soft toys, he bought me a gorgeous fluffy owl teddy and a giraffe key ring for my car keys because owls and giraffes are my favourite animals (he’s so thoughtful like that).

After the zoo we decided to take a trip into the city centre, I promised myself I wouldn't spend money and as you can probably imagine that really didn’t go well.

If you’re Irish you will know a trip to Dublin isn't complete without a visit to Brown Thomas and MAC and as we all know I am completely MAC obsessed so I couldn't go in without buying something but before I go into what I bought I have a little explaining to do.

Ok so for my birthday as part of my presents Cían wanted to buy me the MAC blush palette because he knows have I love my palettes and having all my makeup organised unfortunately when he went to buy it they had no inserts so he decided to buy the palette anyway and we could pick up the insert at another stage and ever since my birthday I have been looking for the insert and couldn’t find it anywhere so naturally when we got into MAC in BT’s it was the first thing I asked for and surprise surprise it was sold out.
So Cían and I had a little chat and decided that we would buy an eye shadow insert for my empty palette and we would get a blush palette when we went to the USA.

Obviously I couldn’t start a new eye shadow palette and only have one in it, it would have been lonely so I picked up and eye shadow pan in the colour Sweet Lust which is a gorgeous shimmery baby pink colour.
I then picked up two new brushes, I really wanted the 228 but unfortunately it was sold out so I got the 213 which is a mini shader brush and I got the 219 which is a pointed pencil brush and I cannot wait to start using them.

When we were leaving Cían spotted a blush insert in one of their display palettes so straight away we went to the desk and asked could we buy this one, we were talking to an absolutely lovely girl who couldn’t be more helpful and agreed to sell us the insert (I was too excited) so NATURALLY I decided I’d pick up a few more lips, what is a trip to MAC without buying a lipstick so I picked up two to add to my ever growing collection.

I picked up the colours Viva Glam Niki which is a gorgeous pinky/coral colour perfect for spring time and the second one I picked up was Chintz, this isn’t a colour I would normally choose myself but Cían picked it up and as soon as I swatched it I fell in love and knew I needed it, it’s a gorgeous shimmery brown colour and I am far too excited to start wearing it.

Next we went to Inglot, I wanted to go to sort out my pro discount card but I wasn’t planning on buying anything but when your given your new 20% discount card it’s hard to say no so I picked up a few bits.
I’m still working on filling the eye shadow palette my auntie got me for my birthday so I picked up 3 new colours shades 37, 15 and 606, I really am falling deeply in love with my Inglot eye shadows and I hate to admit it but recently I have found myself reaching for my Inglot eye shadow palette more than my MAC palette, the colours are just as pigmented as MAC but I find them nicer to use and easier to blend and they have just as wide a variety of colours as MAC but they’re much cheaper  the pans are only €6 each which is an absolute bargain.

I then picked up two body pigment powders, I have one of these which my friend Niamh kindly gave me and my life honestly hasn’t been the same since trying them, I love them, they just add that extra bit of zing to your eye makeup I got the shades 03 and 17.

I then picked up one of the staples for my kit, this is honestly my holy grail product the Inglot eyeliner gel in the shade 77 which is black, this is my go to gel liner it literally does not budge and is completely waterproof, I won’t use any other gel liner after trying this bad boy.

Finally in Inglot I picked up the 29PO brush which is also a mini shader, when it comes to eye makeup brushes and detailers I just can’t help myself it’s become a real problem.

The last shop we went to was Pennys/Primark, Cían wanted to get a cheap pair of shorts for the gym, when we got to the till Cían spotted these clear travel bottles and pointed them out to me, for €1.50 I had to pick up two because they are absolutely perfect for me for traveling because I love having my own cleanser, toner, moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner with me.

Last but by no means least I picked up these set of mini doughnuts for my hair I absolutely love the Mylie Cyrus hairstyle with the two top knots and finally my hair is getting long enough to try it so I picked these up to make it really easy for myself.

So that’s the end of my little haul to say I was spoiled is an absolute understatement, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and the perfect start to my Easter holidays.


  1. Wow!! You got some lovely things :)


    1. Thank you sweetie, my boyfriend really spoils me, hes too good. :) Xxx