28 Apr 2014

INGLOT Lip Defence Treatment

Hello lovelies, today's post is a review for you all, recently I have been really loving INGLOT and I have been using their products more and more. 

In my recent Easter haul post I was speaking about a few items my aunt had picked up for me as part of my Easter gifts one being the INGLOT lip defence treatment.

I don’t think she knew when she was buying it for me but this is actually my second time using this product, the first time I picked it up was really by accident and  before I really knew anything about INGLOT as a brand,  I was shopping in Dublin with a few friends and my lips were really sore but I’m very fussy when it comes to lip balms so I wanted to try something different so I headed to the INGLOT counter and the girl advised that I tried the lip defence treatment and I instantly fell in love. 

The first shade I tried was actually 03 which is the orange colour and it was absolutely gorgeous but it took a spin in my washing machine so I was unable to use it again and honestly I had forgotten about it until I received it from my aunt.

Product Description:
  •  Hydrated the lips and prevents them from drying.
  • Regenerates damaged skin.
  • Vitamin E and evening primrose have nourishing and hydrating function.
  • The unique compound of acai fruit oil and pomegranate seeds oil guarantees regeneration of dry and irritated skin.

My Experience with INGLOT Lip Defence Treatment 02:

The lip balm is in a light pink colour and has a very mild strawberry/raspberry fragrance. It is mild and fades away within a minute of application. The texture of the lip balm is very soft, creamy and slightly thick. It glides easily on the lips and instantly makes it soft. It is not greasy or slippery. But as it as a slight thick texture, I feel it’s a little bit heavy and slightly sticky on my lips.

The formula does moisturize lips really well. People with excessively dry and chapped lips will find it hydrating and healing. The lip balm stays on for two hours and then goes away, but my lips feel softer even after it fades away. The formula of the lip balm has absolutely no sheen, so you can apply it as a base to your lipsticks. The most impressive thing about the lip balm is the SPF 25, it is perfect for people who are looking for good lip protection, and this is also perfect as were coming into spring/summer especially considering the sun is finally showing its face in the UK and Ireland.

Pros of INGLOT Lip Defence Treatment 02:

  •   Simple and functional packaging.
  •   It makes lips smooth.
  •    It is non greasy.
  •    Hydrates and moisturizes well.
  •    Softens lips.
  •     Heals chapped and very dry lips too
  •      Lasts for about 2 hours.
  •      Protection of SPF 25.
  •      It can be used as a base for lipstick.
  •      Mild fragrance.
  •      Paraben free.

Cons of INGLOT Lip Defence Treatment 02:

  •    Price, I find it slightly expensive.
  •    It feels slightly heavy and sticky, but not totally uncomfortable for me

Overall, a MUST have product  especially for those who use matte / long stay lipsticks as it is the      perfect base, even as a regular lip balm it is absolutely brilliant. Have you tired the INGLOT lip defence treatment, what are your thoughts? 


  1. Haven't tried anything from Inglot other than eyeshadows! I'm definitely interested in trying some of their lip products soon though!

    1. You really should INGLOT is one of my favourite makeup brands and I really can't fault any of their products.:) xxx

  2. Haven't tried anything from Inglot either, so I didn't know about this product (until now)!

    1. You should really check some of the INGLOT products out, you really won't regret it. :) Xxx