6 Apr 2014

Lush Think Pink

Hey beauties, unfortunately for me the end of college term means exams and portfolio time which means a lot of work on the computer and hunched over my portfolio so to say my back and shoulders are a little sore is an understatement, so I decided after a long evening of work  to take a nice long bath with some new blog post to read and a cheeky face mask, and the bomb I decided to you was “Think Pink”, again as I’m rather new to Lush as a brand it was my first time using this pink bomb of flowery goodness.

Lush describes 'Think Pink' as a big pink hug, perfect for those days when all you want is a tub of ice cream and a rom-com. Admittedly it wasn't quite one of those moments, but I’d had a pretty horrible day so a hug was definitely needed.

Think Pink is the ultimate girly bath bomb, firstly it's pink, and you can’t really get more girly than bright pink right? Scent wise, this really was gorgeous, and is up there with the ‘Love Locket’ and ‘Sex Bomb’  on my list of favourite LUSH scents (so far that is), the cute candy flowers and the scent of vanilla and tonka with the added lavender oils make the bath smell absolutely incredible. 

Once you pop this into the bath the magic happens and the fizzing starts.  Your bath water is transformed to a girly pink shade but sadly there are no bubbles, to be honest though this isn't really a problem for me as I always add bubbles to my bath anyway. The unique touch with Think Pink is the red heart confetti which is released from the bomb whilst it's fizzing around the bath tub. I had no idea this was going to be there so it was a nice surprise. It's quite a romantic touch and I think it’s an absolutely gorgeous added extra.

In the past this ballistic wasn't vegan because of the ingredients in the candy flowers, but Lush have since gotten their supplier to change the recipe so it's safe for you animal lovers out there.

I will definitely be repurchasing ‘Think Pink’ I found it an absolute pleasure to use and found myself not wanting to get out of the bath.

Have you tried think pink, did the heart confetti surprise you?

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