2 Dec 2013

Me,Myself and I

So here it goes, welcome to Angels Secrets.

I have wanted to set up my own beauty blog for so long now so I decided I would finally take the plunge and do it. The whole process made me surprisingly nervous, I’ve never really put myself out there so this is all very new to me, exciting but also nerve wrecking.

I have a serious love for shopping (some would call it an obsession) and I am beyond obsessed with makeup and beauty products and trying out anything new that takes my fancy. I’ve only ever shared my thoughts and reviews with friends, family and anyone who would listen to me really (Think they're a little sick of it at this stage).  I’ve been inspired by so many beauty bloggers and you tube beauty gurus. I've been reading blogs and watching videos on you tube for years now and I thought what the hell, and one cold November evening Angels Secrets was created.

I’ve been building my makeup collection for just over 2 years now and I want to start this blog based on the products I have been lucky enough to be able to purchase and try already, my favourite products (so far) and any tips and tricks that I have to share.

Although my blog will mainly be makeup and beauty related I am also studying hairdressing in college so I plan on adding some hair care to my blog too.

I love a lot of different brands both high end and drugstore as I know not everyone wants to empty their pockets for beauty products and I am always willing to try something new and share what I think with other people.

Angels Secrets is my safe haven and a place for me to share my love of life, fun and most importantly beauty.

Any way that’s enough from me for now, I hope I haven’t bored you too much. I really hope you enjoy my reviews pictures and thoughts on all things beauty.

Kisses, Becky. Xx

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