20 Dec 2013


I don’t know about you but I know when it comes to winter my skin absolutely hates the cold weather and it really suffers. There are plenty of pesky colds and flus flying around (I seem to catch every single one as my immune system is virtually non-existent) and I often find that blowing my nose causes the edges of my nose to become dry and red. Also in general my skin becomes very dry, problematic and spot prone during the cold winter months which I find very strange as I don't normally suffer from bad skin.

In Ireland we have one miracle cream that solves all our problems. Sudocrem, my mum has used Sudocrem as a nappy and all over problem-solving cream on me my whole life along with a lot of other Irish Mammies. To this day I use Sudocrem on a daily basis (no longer do I eat it or spread it all over myself and the sofa) but it’s the only product that I use and trust to clear blemishes and problematic areas on my skin. I've used the original Sudocream Antiseptic Healing Cream in its well-known grey tub for my entire life (or for as long as I can remember). But recently I have been running low and my little grey tub was looking a little grubby and I knew Sudocrem had released a ‘Skin Care Cream’ very conveniently packaged in a little ‘handbag friendly’ tube.

Sudocrem Skin Care cream in the 30g tube and has been designed especially to tackle those confidence lowering skin problems, especially on the face. The ingredients are very similar to the original formula, but not as drying or harsh on the skin. It sinks into the skin really easily and doesn’t leave your face feeling as greasy as the original product does. This is a massive bonus for people like me who likes to use Sudocrem directly on the problem areas before bed. This used to result in not only my face but my pillowcases and sheets being covered in Sudocrem. The new cream sinks in very fast and leaves me moisturised yet not dry and most importantly not even remotely greasy (my pillowcases and sheets also benefit from this).
However what I love most about this product is the new packaging, it’s so handy and it’s a lot more hygienic to use as you’re not dipping your fingers directly into the cream every time you use it which I know is a bonus for the girls like me who love having their gel and acrylic nails done.

As I have said I use this cream for everything, but the main use for the cream this winter is for treating the sore, dry red patches on the sides of my nose caused by blowing my nose and the dry red areas around my eyes caused by my eyes watering. This really has been a life saver for me, especially being able to carry it with me in my handbag or when I’m traveling and applying it as regularly as I want. I find myself using it a lot on the airplane traveling to and from the UK as I find the air-conditioning very drying on my skin.
If you’re a fan of the original Sudocrem you should definitely give this a go, I recommend it to everyone.

Do you use Sudocrem, have you tried the tube version? 

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