22 Dec 2013

E.L.F Studio Single Eyeshadows

I recently signed up to ELF for their email updates and I am so happy I did. I have  heard so much about the ELF products and I have been on the ELF website numerous times looking and lusting over different products but I always found it so difficult to pick products due to the amount of different products there are, I never knew what to pick, there was just too much choice. When I received and e-mail letting me know that ELF were having a very generous 30% off sale across the whole website, I knew that this was my opportunity and it wouldn't be long until my online basket was over flowing with some lovely beauty bits (especially as I wasn’t feeling well, I was smothered in a cold and thought this would be a great way to cheer me up……it worked). To be honest, I didn't really need anything and for someone obsessed with trying new makeup, not needing anything isn't ever going to stop me. I’m not going to lie, I’d imagine no matter how much makeup I have I will always want more (my boyfriend says I have a problem). Makeup is most definitely my weakness and I have no problem admitting that.

I will do a review on all the products I bought but as of yet I haven’t been able to give the other products a proper test as I haven’t used them enough, but when I do you guys will definitely be the first to hear what I think.

To be honest I’m in limbo on deciding if I like these eye shadows or not.
In saying this I am definitely not disappointed in any of the eye shadows, the colour pigmentation is not as vibrant as I expected, but for the price of them what can you expect.
You really need to build the colour and this can cause a lot of fallout but when the colour is built up it is really very pretty. It just means you need to do your eye makeup and clean away the fall out before doing the rest of your makeup, which isn’t really a problem for me as this is normally what I do anyway.
I agree that the shadows have a lovely soft texture. That being said the eye shadows are quite powdery so blending is very important.

I really feel that you need to use an eye shadow primer or base before using the shadows; it is a powdery eye shadow that will crease and fade if a primer or base is not used. It may last about 2-3 hours with no primer but I have discovered that using primer increases the staying power and it will easily last 6-7.
I’d have to say my favourite thing about the product is the packaging.  It’s very simple yet sleek, they have a small mirror inside and what’s even better is if there any fall out it does not stick to the outside of the packaging so your palettes don’t end up in a mess. I also love that it snaps closed really secure so you can be sure if you put it your makeup bag it won’t open and make a mess.

Have you tried these shadows, do you like them?


  1. Lovely post hun, just to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Have a look at www.youwishyou.blogspot.co.uk for more info.

    Catherine xxx

    1. Hey Catherine,
      Only just saw this comment now, so sorry. Thank you so much for the nominantion means so much to me. :) I've also nominated you, I absolutely love your blog.

      Becky xxx