19 Feb 2014

Battle of the Balms

Hello my beauties, I need to start this blog with a little apology and explanation about my pictures, just before I decided to post this blog my EOS balm decided to go walk about and I cannot find it anywhere so unfortunately I haven't been able to photograph it but I'm sure most of you know what they look like unless you have been living under a rock.

I had been dying to try the EOS lip balms for ages after hearing such good things about them. But if I'm honest I knew my cousin was going to Florida and it would save me some money so I asked her to buy some for me while she was away (student money problems suck). I had also heard people raving about the Balmi ones as well as comparing the two products so I figured it was my turn to do the same.
As I am a lip balm addict, I am surprised it has taken me so long to jump on the bandwagon and try these two lip balms. These balms come in the cutest packaging with the outer colour resembling the flavours available. Both lip balms have a twist-off lid and inside is a raised moon (EOS) or Pyramid (Balmi) of lip balm, this is perfect as it means you don't need to get your fingers all sticky when applying by dipping them into a pot.

The packaging of the Balmi is really cute and I love the fact that it's a little cube (this is the new packaging; the old packaging was round like the EOS ones). The top screws off (as shown in the picture below) and it's perfect for on the go application. The cube shaped packaging doesn't make the product at all bulky and it's perfect for popping inside your makeup bag, handbag or in a pocket. There is also a small black cord attached to the product that means you can attach your lip balm to your phone, keys or maybe even handbag or purse.

The packaging of the EOS is very similar; this has a sturdy shell that twists open to reveal the semi sphere of lip balm (being slightly OCD it really bothers me that it’s not a perfect sphere). To me the lid of this feels slightly more secure than the Balmi. Only difference is it is round and doesn’t have the little black cord.

Well to be honest both products are very similar but there are some subtle differences between the two. The EOS balm has great credentials. It’s 100% natural and 95% organic, which is pretty impressive. It contains Shea butter and vitamin E, and contains no petroleum or parabens. It smells lovely and it tastes sweet. It goes on easily and lasts for about an hour before I feel like I need to reapply. The texture is kind of waxy and I prefer creamy lip balms, so this is a bit of a downside for me.

The Balmi is slightly more compact than the EOS one. This also has an SPF of 15. The Balmi one doesn't quite have the eco credentials of the EOS one. From the list of the ingredients it’s heavier on the chemicals but the Balmi also lists vitamin E and Shea butter among its ingredients. This one has a slightly different texture and feels a bit greasier on the lips (not like Vaseline, which pleases me because I don't like Vaseline).  It lasts for about an hour two before I feel the need to reapply but I do find myself reaching for it more than that, not because I need to but just because of the yummy sweet taste and smell.
I wouldn't say that that these lip balms give the most intense nourishment for your lips but they do offer that kick of moisture when you're out and about.

Both are priced similarly with the Balmi one £4.99 and the EOS one was £6.50. You get 10g of product with Balmi and 7g with EOS. The Balmi isn’t quite as softening but smells and tastes better. I know you're not supposed to eat it but I find it always happens.

In this fight for me Balmi wins hands down but I honestly think it will come down to personal preference, the designs are great, super easy to use and both have lots of product in.
The Balmi lip balm comes in four flavours and I must warn you (if you're anything like me with the products) that Balmi's are extremely addictive and you will find yourself constantly reaching for these little coloured cubes.

Have you tried these balms, which is the winner for you?


  1. I love Balmi i saw it on sale in boots and i love it the strawberry smells so yummy :) Whats you favourite scent?


    1. I absolutely love the mint one, it's my all time favourite. I am a bit mint obsessed though.


  2. I think I might try Balmi out even though I don't need any more lip balms x


    1. Do it, I used to always use vaseline before I tried these and now I won't use anything else. I always have a Bamli in my handbag and always put it on before my makeup so my lips are nice and soft for when I put my lipstick on, works an absolute treat. :)