1 Feb 2014

Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette

So as you may know one of the things I was most excited about when moving to London was finally being able to shop in Superdrug and easily get my hands on Sleek and MUA products rather than having to order them online. Sad I know but to me is a MASSIVE deal.

I have slowly been building up my Sleek makeup collection and my most recent addition to my collection is the corrector and concealer palette. We have been doing a lot of work on achieving the perfect base in college so I have been trying a lot of different concealers from high end and high street brands so I decided maybe it was time to stray a little from my beloved collection concealer and try new things and the Sleek concealer palette seemed almost too perfect and at £7.99 who could really say no?

In traditional Sleek slimline packaging with a large mirror the palette has a corrector, concealer and a setting powder to brighten, conceal and set your eye area. It may seem like a minor detail but I love that this palette has a mirror. This palette and mirror allows me to attend to any problem areas of my makeup throughout the day with ease.

Using the products in the order they appear, first I use the corrector colour to brighten the appearance of my eye area. The second darker colour is your concealer which I apply on top of the corrector to neutralise any colour differences and add more coverage. The concealer is quite dark for me I need to mix it with one of my other concealers.

Out of pure impatience I opted for the palette in '02' (available in 5 shades) because Superdrug was out of ‘01’ and I couldn't wait to try it which is probably why the concealer is a bit too dark.  When picking a shade to match your skin tone you ideally want the middle colour in the palette to be similar to your foundation colour to avoid too much colour difference. I do find though that the Sleek colours tend to be quite dark and for this reason I am unable to try out any of their foundations so I have a feeling that even if I got shade ‘01’ it would still be a little dark. But I have learned my lesson; have patience when you're buying makeup as it tends to pay off.

Finally, I apply the setting powder if I feel I need it. I never use to set my concealer separately but I recently learned in college that this is a very important step before you set your foundation with powder. Setting your concealer separately helps it to not settle in the creases under your eyes which no one ever wants. (Crow’s feet are the WORST).

The consistency of this concealer is very thick and creamy, and blends in really well. Although, if you suffer from dry skin, don't use this as this product will do nothing but accentuate your dry skin.

As for staying powder this is pretty good, no nothing special but it'll do especially for touch ups. At £7.99 it sits happily in my daily travel make up bag and will do for the foreseeable future.


  1. Dear god!! I must have this!!!


    1. Yea it's really nice. :) Just don't make the mistake I did and spend a little bit of time looking for your matching colour. Xxx