20 Feb 2014

Clarins Cleansing Milk and Toning Lotion

So in college before we started into makeup we did at least two weeks of skin care, to be honest when I heard that this is what we were going to be doing I almost cried, I had never really been into skin care, I never really understood it or saw the point, yes I cleansed, toned and moisturised every night but never used anything expensive I could never justify spending money on a high end cleanser, toner or moisturiser, boy was I wrong. I am so great full to my tutors in college for teaching me all the tips and tricks because I now realise how important skin care is.  Think of the face as your canvas you need it to be clean and fresh before you put anything on it, honestly the difference in your makeup if you cleanse, tone and moisturise properly before you put it on is just incredible.

My tutors told me the earlier you start on a good beauty regime the better. We tried a lot of Dermilogica in college but my skin just really didn't like it so I decided to give Clarins a go. Admittedly, they are renowned for being one of the pricier, upmarket brands on the market but I can assure you there is a reason why this duo is so expensive.

I have tried so many products over the years for my spot-prone oily skin and can actually say that using these morning and evening every day has made such a difference to the feel and complexion of my skin. As I have said I used to use the cheaper brands thinking 'they'll do the same job’ but that's where I was wrong. It's so important to use a good cleanser and toner, especially if you use them to remove eye makeup because the skin around your eyes is so sensitive.

After two weeks of using them morning and evening, I noticed a real significant difference in my complexion. My skin was clearer, my complexion was even and I started using less foundation because I no longer needed it. The oiliness of my skin died down dramatically and my powder now lasts ages because I don't need to top up throughout the day trying to hide any shiny patches.

If you’re thinking about giving Clarins a go (and I really think you should) I would advise you to go to your nearest Clarins counter and ask for some samples to try out. This way you have a couple of days’ worth of product and you can decide if you like it or not and want to buy a big bottle.

If I have convinced you then welcome to the beautiful world of Clarins skincare.


  1. Great post, I have the same skin type as you, these are definitely on my wishlist!

    Catherine xxx

    1. Catherine you definitely should, yes it's expensive but it really is worth it I absolutely love it. Wont let anyone use anything else on my skin now.

  2. I worked for clarins and the products really do work! They're a lot less harsh than dermalogica as there is no alcohol in any of their products so its not too drying for your skin. I'm going to be posting about some of their best products soon, keep an eye out :) xxx