8 Feb 2014

Sleek Eau La La Liners

Don't you just love it when a product has multiple functions? Sleek Eau La La liners are just like that. They're not only suitable as a lip liner, but also safe to be used on the eyes and anywhere else. I really loved the idea of having a pencil which I could just use for anything.

The Eau La La liners retail for £5 and are for sale at either Superdrug or on several websites, including their own, (I always buy my sleek products in Superdrug because I love collecting points on my Super Drug card)This makes them quite nicely priced, I wouldn't exactly call it super cheap but it's definitely not expensive either. The colour range is also AMAZING; there are the usual colours such as red, berry and pink but also outlandish shades such as blue, yellow, black and white, which I love as I’m obsessed with odd coloured lipsticks and these liners, are PERFECT for use with my Lime Crime lipsticks.

When I swatched the liners on my arm I could immediately tell how creamy they were and how opaque they are in just one stroke. As opposed to my usual experience with lip liners, these slide over the skin with ease. Honestly I never use to wear lip liners I never really understood why people did but it was only when I started studying makeup artistry I realised how important they are and now I can't wear lipstick without a liner on, they make such a difference.

They're long lasting as well, I didn't expect they'd be so long lasting because of the creaminess but it's really good that they are.

Using the Eau La La liners on the eyes is very easy as well, you just need to make sure that you've sharpened the tip properly and they'll glide on very easily. The colour stays on for a long time, doesn't smudge but isn't completely waterproof, I'd say it’s more water resistant than waterproof.

The Sleek Eau La La liners have become my staple lip liners, but they're good to use on the eyes as well. The colours are vibrant and are opaque, so if you have very pigmented lips like I do they're perfect for you. Considering the staying power and the variety of colours I honestly don't think I could do any better unless I pay at least triple the amount.

I would recommend these to everyone if you want a really good lip liner for a drugstore price definitely give these little beauty’s a go.

Do you wear lip liner, have you tried Sleeks?


  1. I tried the brown one of these and I wasn't particularly impressed D: Then again, I'm used to the Avon Supershock pencils which are soo creamy and pigmented!x


    1. Really you didn't like them? That's disappointing. There are SO MANY things I want from Avon but I have never order anything from the site. I really should. xx

  2. I personally love sleek. Obviously they're not going to be as good as some high end products but I think you get decent quality for the price you pay.

    I love their blushers too! This is a great little blog btw. I've been through a few posts and you write so well!
    I've followed you on both bloglovin and GFC to keep up to date :)


    Sammeh x

    1. I also really love Sleek, I just wish their foundations came in lighter shades so I could try them out.
      Thank you sweetie that really means a lot, I also follow you on everything. :)


  3. These look & sound brilliant! I love sleep for there lipstick & contour palette but next time I'm in superdrug I'm going to have a look at these. Love the fact that they have a variety of colours. Your blog is lovely, I especially enjoy reading your reviews! Xx

    1. Sleek* bleeding iPad auto correct haha xx

    2. They are really nice, you should definitely give them a go. In my local Superdrug they didn't have very many of the colours because they were sold out but I definitely plan on building my collection. Hahaha I hate auto correct can turn a lot of conversations very awkward. :P