7 Feb 2014

Makeup Is Art

So this is new one to the blog, a book review but there are a few more of these to come. As an already qualified makeup artist and an aspiring high fashion makeup artist I have a couple of books in my collection that I feel are a must for not only makeup artists, or aspiring makeup artist but anyone interested in makeup, beauty and fashion.

The first makeup book that I ever purchased is Makeup Is Art by AOFM, my very first makeup tutor recommended it to our class and  it is honestly my favourite book of all time and I still find myself going back to it and referencing it on a daily basis.

The cover is just beautiful and catches your eye immediately (I am determined to recreate this look at some point in my makeup career, it’s just absolutely stunning). It’s definitely a book for aspiring makeup artists with sections on Underwater, Male and Beauty Editorial makeup. It’s a huge wealth of information.

It covers the basics like skincare and foundation but it really excels with tips and tricks for makeup artists and students. Like how to work with different face shapes, different products like greasepaints on eyes and how to create different effects on lips. It also covers topics like body art and how to work with clients.

But one of my favourite things about the book is the fact it actually mentions the names of makeup products. They are only subtly referred to now and again. For example in the Highlighting section it refers to Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector (for mixing with foundation), YSL Touche Eclat (for brightening the under eye) and MAC Strobe Cream (for mixing with foundation and highlighting the body). I think this is really helpful as most makeup books never name products. I am forever asking my different makeup tutors for advice on what products to buy but they will never give me a straight answer because different people use different products but the book has made it easy for me and as a result I now have most of these products in my professional makeup kit, or they're on my makeup wish list.

I also really like the fact that in some parts of the book like the foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick sections, it nearly always has a page devoted to the different textures and forms that the products in that section will come in; it also describes how they can be used. An example would be Matte lipsticks give a flat and dense colour without shine or gloss. They are less likely to bleed into fine lines therefore better for mature people. They are also good for creating period looks from the 1920s to the 1950s. A matte red like MAC's Russian Red would be perfect for a 1940s inspired lip.  

Overall I love this book and I think it’s going to be a huge help to me during my course for both inspiration and instruction. But it’s also a great book for makeup lovers and enthusiasts. Whenever anyone mentions makeup books I always recommend this little beauty.

Are you an aspiring makeup artist?


  1. I can't get enough of beauty books at the moment, might get this!

    Catherine xx

    1. Catherine it is definitely worth getting, it's my favourite ready so many beautiful pictures in it and its a wealth of information. I'm sure you could find it pretty cheap on Amazon. :) Xxx