9 Jan 2014

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butters

I have been very excited about writing this post. I had to share with you all a gem of a lip product I have recently started using again, this is a product that got lost in my makeup collection and I had forgotten about (I’m never letting this happen again)  which your lips are sure to love especially during the winter months.

As you all know I am a lipstick & lip product obsessive (you may have noticed this from previous posts) I have lost count of the number of lipsticks I own. These lip butters are a very popular product within the blogging community, and I almost feel like everyone has already reviewed them, but I love them so much that I needed to review them myself (One more review of them can’t hurt, can it?). I can barely control my excitement about these beauties. I love them that much.
For those of you how don’t know, the Revlon Lip Butters are pretty much 50% lip balm and 50% lip stick.
I absolutely love this product, it’s become one of my winter must haves, the texture of the lip butter is smooth, it has a similar feeling to a lipstick mixed with a lip gloss and it leaves your lips feeling lovely, soft and moisturised. It also has a nice sheen finish which I absolutely love.
Firstly, I absolutely love the packaging. There have been mixed feelings and reviews about the colour coordinated, sheer plastic lipstick tubes, but I am a massive fan, they have clear caps, so you can see the product through the top (I love this because I hate having to rummage through my lip products to find what I want).
I also find that most of the colours are true to how they look in the tubes which is always a massive bonus, when buying new colours I don’t feel the need to swatch them which saves a lot of time and saves my hand from ending up looking like a messy colouring book and ending up in a sticky mess.
The shade selection is fantastic, ranging from really pale pinks and lilacs, to darker browns and deep reds.
They glide on really nicely and evenly and what make these little beauties even better is that you don’t need a mirror to apply them which means they are perfect for on the go. (I don’t leave the house without having at least one of these in my handbag, especially now in the cold winter months where I find my lips getting really dry).

Some of the newer formulas are a little less buttery than the originals, but they feel the same on the lips. One or two shades have a slightly gritty feeling, but this is only because they have little particle’s of glitter in them, but in saying this it doesn’t make them uncomfortable to wear (I barely notice it at all, but I have heard some people complaining about it).
You really don’t need a lot of product to get an almost opaque colour. Some of the darker, more intense shades will fade to an almost matte stain on the lips, which I think is absolutely beautiful.
The only downside to the lip butters is how long they last; obviously they don’t last as long as a lipstick, but then again I don’t think you would expect it to be considering the formulation, they are very shiny and not as pigmented, I find that they move around on my lips a little, but in saying this they do last at least an hour or so before I feel the need to reapply.
So basically, loads of cute colours, cute names, great product, stunning packaging, I really feel that you can’t go wrong.
Have you tried the lip butters yet? What shades are your favourites?


  1. Lovely post, what shade do you like the most?

    Catherine xx

    1. Thank you sweetie. I absolutely love sugar frosting, its not too dark a colour so I wear it most days, I even wear it when i'm not wearing makeup as i'm very pale and it adds a bit of colour to my face. Bought a few more colours in the January sales, can't wait to give them a try. :)
      Becky. XX


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