14 Jan 2014

Biorderma Vs L'Oreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

I have been buying Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution since 2011 and in all these years, I had never been without a bottle of it in my collection until this year when I started college and moved to the UK. Before getting Bioderma wasn’t a problem for me because I used to just order a few bottles on the internet every time I was running low, but with starting college and moving into a new house I found myself needing to tighten my belt a bit and my online shopping was the first to go which meant my Bioderma (Sad I know but unfortunately true). The good news is recently my friend Tasha took a trip to Paris to visit a friend and the little diamond that she is she bought me two of the large bottles of Biorderma.

Micellar waters are used to remove makeup and other nitty gritties that lie on the skin’s surface, which prepares skin for a deeper and more effective cleanse. Everyone who wears makeup, lives in a city, or cares about their face could benefit from this step.

I still believe Biorderma is brilliant, but I needed to check out the (cheaper) alternatives on the market to find something to replace my beloved Bioderma and I purchased L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. I've been using it for about 4 months now and it feels so similar, basically the same as Bioderma, so I wanted to see if it also performs the same and I did a little test.

 I set on removing a full face makeup by using Bioderma on one side and L'Oreal on the other. Honestly I felt like I was back in secondary school doing a science experiment. Only difference I had no control experiment, could have used someone else’s face for that I suppose.

Both Bioderma and L'Oreal feel the same just like water. There is no residue left, just clean and refreshed skin. Neither of them breaks me out nor irritates my skin in any way, which I honestly find incredible because I have such sensitive skin and normally find it very difficult to find stuff that works for me and doesn't end with me having a sore red face. There was no difference between the two when removing the make up with the first cotton pad. Honestly biggest difference was with the second cotton pad.

Bioderma's second pad was basically clean with only a bit of eye makeup on it which is quite normal as I always wear waterproof mascara and I really don't like rubbing my eyes very much as I find the cotton pads irritate them. There were no traces of any foundation or blush any more. It removed everything.

L'Oreal's second pad had loads of foundation on it, which proved the first didn't even remotely clean as effectively as Bioderma. I needed three cotton pads to have the face completely clean. Again as with Bioderma it did not completely remove waterproof mascara; however, it removed less of it.

Bioderma is available in some pharmacies but is quite difficult to get a hold of here. As I say I have to buy it online which I don't find too expensive but adding on postage and packaging as well, it’s just not really feasible on a student budget. The packaging is a simple clear bottle with a flip top. A bottle can be opened for 12 months. It has no particular scent which is nice because I’m like most people and don't enjoy having anything with a strong scent on my skin.

L'Oreal is sold in every good pharmacy (I buy mine in Boots). The packaging is the stupid new renovated one with a square top that spills product everywhere (Really not great considering I have to travel so much and need to pack it in my suitcase). A bottle can be opened for 6 months. It has a faint chemical scent but nothing overpowering; it’s honestly barely even noticeable.

As I said, the texture is remarkably similar, essentially a dupe. However, I don't find L'Oreal's nearly as effective as Bioderma. You will use a lot more product and cotton pads to remove everything, but yes, it is cheaper. Having said that, I do think L'Oreal's micellar water is a really nice product and definitely worth the price. It's a great makeup remover if you can't get a hold of Bioderma or if like me you find it that little bit too expensive.

Bioderma is a clear winner for me. I've purchased numerous bottles over the years and I will continue buying it whenever I can but honestly L’Oreal is a wonderful dupe and I will continue using and enjoying it.

Have you tried Biorderma, do you know where to get your hands on it?


  1. Have you tried the Dermalogica Precleanse? amd how would you think it compares?

    1. I don't use Dermalogica I really don't like it and neither does my skin, the skin care brand I use is Clarins and I swear by it.