11 Jan 2014

Soap and Glory Powders

Firstly before I start I would like to apologise for my photos, both of my soap and glory powders are very well loved and the packaging will show that but Christmas has left me a little broke so I wasn’t willing to go out and buy new ones to take photos, so I have broken a blogging rule of using the product and then taking photos and for that I’m sorry and I hope you can forgive me. That being said it’s time for the review. Drum roll please…….
Since moving to the UK I've developed something bordering on an obsession with Soap & Glory brand. We do have it at home in Ireland but there really isn't as much of a hype around the products at all which I really don’t understand because It really are fantastic. The more of the brands products I try, the deeper I fall in love and the powders are my most recent discovery (thanks to a push in the right direction from my dear friend Tash)
I was going to review each of them separately but knowing me one will probably end up not getting published so I've piled them into one post, bit of a squeeze but we'll manage.

Firstly I would just like to touch on the packaging, I've heard a lot of people complain about the packaging with the product, I have no idea why as I really think it is just perfect. Yes, it's not in a plastic container, but who cares? I love having something a little different. It features a vintage pin up girl (Pin Up is another love of mine) on the cover and opens to reveal a full size mirror which always comes in handy and really impresses me when a brand adds this touch, the packaging simply dazzled me and if I'm honest I probably would buy the product just for the packaging anyway. I love it and it's not something you see very often and it really stands out from a lot of powders in my already overflowing makeup drawer and I love my makeup storage looking pretty and these little beauties really add to it. All that said we'll move on to what really matters.

Thanks to my Irish skin and being ridiculously pale I find it pretty difficult to find any makeup to match my skintone but especially a bronzer that doesn't look too orange or dark and muddy on my skin. Solar Powder by Soap & Glory is a bronzing duo which comes with a light brown shade with a hint of shimmer and a darker brown bronze which is matte. I use the matte colour as a contour and the shimmer as an all over bronzer and I love how this looked on my skin; it's very flattering and it didn't look too overdone. I love that you can build up the colour as much as you want as this means it’s great for everyday use but also on nights out when you want that extra bit of colour I also love that there's two colours in the pan as this means you can use one on its own or choose to mix both colours.

The formula of this little beauty is spot on as well. The powder is not chalky at all and it feels very soft and creamy to touch. It applies very smoothly and blends really easily into the skin. I also find that it has a lovely staying power and it wears on me for good 6 hours(8-10 if you choose to have a cheeky top up during the day), which I think is amazing considering that I have oily to combination skin and bronzers and blushes are usually the first things to disappear on me.

Glow All Out is a pink/champagne highlighter with a really good level of pigmentation. It doesn't leave you looking like a shimmering disco ball but picks up the light and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. I apply this little beauty along the cheekbones, under and above the brow bone and lightly dust it down my nose. It is subtle enough but then it's still really shimmery and actually highlights your features. Its staying power just like the Solar Powder lasted a good 6 hours on my skin and would last even longer with a few little touch ups here and there. For a highlighter to still look good on my skin after 6 hours is a pretty big achievement.

The versatility this has in comparison to my liquid highlighters such as high beam and moon beam is beyond belief, it's much easier to blend and less pigmented so you can't go overboard which I find people tend to do a lot with highlighters and end up looking like one of the Cullens with their “Sparkling” skin.
Both of these powders have been a go-to product in my makeup bag since I bought them and I can see it sticking around for a very long time. 

I haven't swatched either of the powders on my skin in the photos as they really are so subtle, and I found them almost impossible to photograph and do them justice. I would highly recommend taking a peek at this in boots to understand what I'm talking about and see how beautiful they really are.

Have you tried any of the Soap and Glory powders, what do you think? I’d love to know if they suit darker skin tones.

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