17 Jan 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3

I know when you read the heading of this review in your head you probably thought “please no not another naked 3 review” and I also know I am a little late with this one but I honestly am so in love with it that I really felt it was a must, and hey who knows maybe I will have something different to say to other reviews you've read.

Unless you've been living under a rock or in a cave you probably already know that the Naked line is not just Urban Decay's strongest offering, but it's a concept that has been copied duped by nearly every major makeup company out there so it's nice to see Urban Decay expanding it to fit a wider variety of preferences and skin tones (I honestly feel Naked 3 is especially for us pale girls).

Urban Decay Naked 3 eye shadow palette is the latest and greatest shadow palette in the Urban Decay Naked family. The Urban Decay Naked 3 eye shadow palette is packed with twelve full size Urban Decay eye shadows and includes a synthetic dual-ended eye shadow brush (blending and flat) which is quality and very much usable plus they even give you a week’s worth of samples of each of their popular Primer Potions.

To tell you the truth when I first heard that Urban Decay was making yet another variation of their Naked palette, I honestly couldn't think what nude shades they could possibly add that that they haven't already covered yet. With the first Naked palettes  warm, gold shades and Naked 2 (unfortunately I've lost my Naked 2, I've no idea where it has gone) taking the cool toned end of the neutral spectrum, Naked 3 is a collection of rosy/pink eye shadow shades.

Naked 3 is beautiful inside and out, it comes in the same metal pencil case that the Naked 2 came in but this time it’s a rose gold casing. I know many  people love the dual ended brush the palettes now comes  with but I must say that it kind of disappoints me as I really loved the dual  ended 24/7 Eyeliner that the original Naked 1 came with. I have so many brushes and really don't need any more blending brushes.

Strange is a very light, soft, cream-pink matte finish. The texture is one of the softest and most buttery in the palette, and I appreciate UD including a matte shade for highlighting, since I strongly prefer that look.

Dust is a super shimmery, light rose pink.  I wouldn't call this glittery, it’s very pretty, but needs special care to avoid fallout. The texture is super soft and silky.

Burnout is like Dust but more pigmented and  less shimmery. It's metallic without being super shimmery.

Limit is the next lightest matte shade in Naked 3. It appears as a soft, dusty rose in the pan, but swatches quite a bit darker- more of dusty mauve.  Limit is very soft and blends out easily. 

Buzz is a deeper, darker version of Burnout, and is also a metallic finish. It's very soft and very pigmented.

Trick is the "gold" metallic of the palette, it's much more of a rose gold.The texture is extremely similar to 

Buzz, except a little more pigmented.

Nooner is a mid-toned shade perfect for all over the lid or in the outer corner if you're going very subtle.

Liar is a metallic bronze shade with similar feel and pigmentation to Trick.

Factory is a brown/bronze metallic finish. It's slightly less metallic than Liar.

Mugshot is also a bronze metallic, but is much warmer toned. It's super soft and buttery.

Darkside is a taupe with plum undertones.
Blackheart is described as a "deepest matte black with red micro-glitter." I'd say that’s pretty spot on.

The shadows are pigmented with a soft, easy to blend formula and almost all of them applied and wore extremely well, the mattes are just as soft and buttery as the satins and shimmers and you have a great palette.

All in all the Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette is packed with soft, easy to blend shadows with plenty of pigment an absolute must have for fans of the Naked Collection.

Have you tried the Naked 3, which is your favourite colour?

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