30 Jan 2014

MAC Haul

I recently picked up some new products from MAC. When I went home for the weekend my very generous boyfriend decided to take me shopping so I got some treats for myself. Some are repurchases and some are new products that I have been lusting over for a while now.

This is a repurchase. This is the fluid foundation from MAC that works best with my skin. So far I have tried, MatchMaster, ProLongwear & Studio Fix Fluid (SFF), and SFF is the best for me.
Stupidly I didn't pick up a pump this time. My only gripe with this foundation is the application, I feel for the price of the foundation it should really come with a pump.

I also repurchased my studio fix powder plus foundation, if I'm being entirely honest I use this as a blotting powder on top of my foundation, some people won't like this as it results in very heavy coverage.

MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection. I have had my eye on this Paint Pot for some time, and when I swatched it I fell in love. It gives a nice subtle glow that is also build-able.

MAC Crème Sheen Glass in Fashion Whim, I recently saw one of the girls in college putting this on and instantly fell in love and knew I needed to add it to my collection. I didn't do a swatch of Fashion Whim as its such a light colour and just wouldn't come out properly on camera.

MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Colour in Unchanging, This is completely new to me, I have never used one of the pro long wear lip-glosses before and I was really intrigued so I decided to ask one of the MAC girls which colour was they’re favourite and they said Unchanging. I’m really excited to give this a go.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Please Me, MAC Crème Sheen Lipstick in Shy Girl, MAC lipsticks are my guilty pleasure and I can’t walk out of a MAC store without buying at least one.
MAC Eye Shadow Pan in Swish, I have always loved the MAC eye shadows and have been trying to fill my new palette on 2 spaces left.

Have you tried out MAC? What are your favourite products, any suggestions on what I should try next?


  1. I love a very heavy coverage look to my foundation and so that powder and foundation sounds perfect for me.


  2. I love the look that the foundation and powder gives you, I have repurchased these so many times. :) Xx