12 Jan 2014

The Body Shop Lip Butters

So as a lip product lover and a confessed lip balm hoarder when I see a 50% sale I can’t help but be pulled in, especially when that sale sign is in the window of The Body Shop.

I like a lot of other people absolutely love The Body Shop and almost everything they do so when I know they are having a sale I take full advantage of it, especially when it comes to they're lip butters.

These lip butters are not a new purchase for me, they are a re-purchase I have been using them since I was about 13 and first discovering the beautiful world that is makeup and I am still as madly in love with them as I was from the first time I used them.

As I said there was a 50% sale in The Body Shop which meant that all of their lip products were 3 for 2 so I was lucky enough to get 3 lip butters for £8 (who could honestly say no, it’s an absolute bargain). I bought two of my old faithful’s Mango and Shea butter and one newbie to my collection Pink Grapefruit.

Some info about their Shea butter:
Our Community Fair Trade Shea butter comes from Ghana. Local women hand-harvest Shea nuts, dry them in the sun and crack them to extract the kernels. These are roasted and ground into a paste to make the butter. Our trade with the Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association has helped to fund three medical centres and 10 nursery schools.

And their beeswax:
The organic beeswax in our Shea Lip Butter is supplied by our Community Trade partner, Northwestern Bee Products. Produced in the remote tropical rainforests of north-western Zambia, the traditional beekeeping methods ensure the preservation of the forest and the beekeepers’ way of life. The 6,000 beekeepers receive a fair price for their beeswax and honey, which can be used for necessities such as salt, soap, clothing, medicine and education. It is also providing more women with the opportunity to become beekeepers.

As I have already mentioned The Body Shop has long been a favourite of mine, and this product is no different. Their Lip Butter is a lovely product, with a lovely, creamy consistency. Most moisturising lip products I've tried (including my much loved Balmi) tend to feel slightly greasy on the lips; however, with just the right amount of lip butter applied, this is the exact opposite. As with all Body Shop products, it smells incredible too, with a fruity scent that lingers long after application (some people can find the smell a little sickly after a while, but I honestly never have this problem)

The best part of this product is that, along with other moisturising products, this really does seem to have improved my lips for the better. Not only is there instant relief from chapped, sore skin, but in the long run, it does actually seem to smooth any sore areas.

 The packaging is great, they come in cute little pots that are different colours, depending on the flavour with the corresponding picture on the top. The little tubs contain 10 ml (0.29 fl oz) of product. I find that it takes a long time to run out and I use it very regularly so I honestly feel it is well worth its price tag.

 I would recommend these to anyone, they are so moisturising, so if you have dry or cracked lips, go and pick one up.

What’s your favourite flavour lip butter?


  1. I have the Chocomania & Mango Lip Butters. I adore them, they have definitely helped with my dry lips (: xx

    1. I also love them, I haven't tried Chocomania but I will definitely give it a go.