28 Jan 2014

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age the Eraser Eye Concealer

People have been raving about the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age the Eraser Eye Concealer but does it live up to the hype? Being released in the UK not long ago, I felt the need to get my hands on it straight away as all my favourite bloggers had been talking about it; its arrival was highly anticipated.

Much like the foundation from the Maybelline Eraser line the Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover Concealer comes in a typical plastic tube with a difference at the top instead of a dispenser we have a foam applicator that allows you to apply the concealer without the need of a brush. The idea is that the foam applicator blends the product seamlessly much like a foam beauty blender does. I have to agree that the little sponge does blend the concealer into the skin without compromising the coverage.

I really like the packaging. It looks like a much smaller version of the foundation (I must admit I obsess over miniature versions of any products), and feels solid and nice quality. It took me ages to get the product going and into the sponge but I find that happens a lot when it comes to these types of twisting applicators, in saying this after I got it going the level of product it releases with each click seems good.

As for the applicator, it seems like everyone has a problem with it due to the hygiene aspect of it or lack thereof. The sponge applicator is very difficult to clean as it is attached to the product, that aside, it does actually work quite nicely for the under eye area.

Speaking of the shade  Light it is a of course a pale neutral based shade that should be suitable for most light skin tones particularly as it is intended for under eye use. Technically speaking light is a little dark for me for my under eye area, I find that lighter shades of concealer are great to cover and highlight in one quick step, especially for people like me who suffer from dark circles, and this shade is just that little bit too dark (in saying that it hasn't stopped me from using it).

In terms of coverage Maybelline the Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover Concealer is pretty decent, it glides on the under eye area.

In my opinion I would deem the coverage level of The Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover Concealer to be moderate, it will cover most dark circles but if you suffer from extremely dark circles I don't think this is for you. I actually do get oily around the eye area and did find it made my eyeliner smudge therefore it requires setting it with powder. Still made my eyeliner smudge a bit at the end of the day. In general, a powder is required to set it as the concealer leaves a slight greasy feeling which isn't an oily girl’s best friend. You can of course use The Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover Concealer to conceal general blemishes which I do find it does rather well as far as pocket friendly concealers go this is a great option.

Wear time was pretty average I usually re-apply my concealer a couple of times throughout the day regardless of the brand I’m using.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this, it’s much better than I originally expected to be when I first saw it, in saying this it unfortunately doesn't live up to my high expectations for it, I still haven’t found a replacement for my beloved Collection concealer.

Have you tried this concealer before and what were your thoughts, does the sponge applicator bother you?


  1. We have so many of the same faves :) This concealer is just the bees knees for me, and lasts ages.


  2. It really is brilliant, I just wish it came in a slightly lighter shade as this one is still a little dark for me, doesn't stop me using it though. :) xX

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