2 May 2014

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb

Hello lovelies, it’s time for another review and as I have finally got around to using some of the gorgeous bath bombs I recently bought in lush I felt this was a good time to start reviewing them. The first one I’m going to talk to you about is the every so famous “Twilight” bath ballistic.

Lush’s Tagline/Description:

Let the sun set around you as you let go of the day and drift off to a world of dreams.  If you are struggling to sleep, then this is perfect for using in the evenings. With lavender oil for when you need a bit of extra help to wind down. We’ve added visuals to this bath to help your mind let go and embrace the night time. Twilight dissolves to create a growing sunset that gradually gets darker until you are finally left with the glimmer of stars.

The infamous Twilight, possibly the most popular and most recommended bath bomb Lush has to offer. I had high expectations of this bomb after reading about it on every single Lush website and numerous great reviews from different bloggers. I took a trip to Lush recently and this was on the top of my list.

Twilight is a pretty pink bath bomb with stars imprinted in the top. I wanted something lavender to really relax my achy muscles.

Finally I had a Sunday evening free to try my new bath bomb, I popped it into a run bath and it immediately started to dissolve. When the Twilight hits the bath it fizzes away pink and eventually turns blue. It leaves impressive foam for a bath bomb.  

Twilight does feature wonderful effects such as changing foam colours and silver glitter; it makes for a real show.

I was left with purple bath water with vague bits of silver glitter in. The glitter mixes with the water and washes off so you're not left with glittery skin.

  •          Original scent.
  •          Slow fizzer.
  •          Interesting effects.
  •          Left with soft skin.


  •          Mild scent.

Have you tried Lush’s Twilight bath bomb, do you think it helped you sleep or relax? 


  1. Great post ;)


  2. I just love bath bombs. I have to try this!!

    1. Yes you must try it this one is definitely one of my favourites. :)