7 Mar 2014

Soap and Glory Marvelips

Today I'm reviewing "Marvelips" which is a double ended lip pencil which aims to shape and super size the lips. £8.43 at Boots and they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on. I’ll probably be going back for more although I really shouldn't; my wallet hates me right now.

One end is colour, the other is highlighter. On the back of the packet it gives instructions on how to apply but I didn't find that their technique worked for me. It advised to fill lips with colour then use the highlighter to pick out the middle of the lips for a pouty look. But this just made the highlighter end messy with lipstick which I really didn't like; anything messy is a big no no for me. You can see that the highlighter is actually quite glittery but I liked it. The texture is very silky and it’s easy to apply, I felt like it was moisturizing my lips which is always an extra bonus.

So I applied the highlighter first to the middle of the lips and the cupids bow then I outlined the lips with the coloured end and filled in my lips using a lipstick colour of my choice leaving some of the highlight showing through. This method really worked for me and I was extremely happy with the results. I don’t know that my lips look any fuller but I do love the highlighted look, for someone who’s normally quite self-conscious about their small lips this is a big deal.

As far as I’m aware this only comes in one colour which is a sort of dusky pink shade, fairly natural and great for every day wear. I've worn it quite a lot and now need to invest in a big fat sharpener for it since I definitely want to carry on using it. I love it. Very soft, silky and a beautiful colour. Just wish it lasted a bit longer.

Have you tried the Soap and Glory Marvelips, do you feel it gives you the look of a fuller pout?


  1. Oh this looks really good :D I must give it a try :) I always wear lipsticks so this might be something different for me :D Adding this to my shopping list :D xx


    1. You definitely should give it a go I use it most days now and absolutely love it. :) Xxx