8 Mar 2014

Magnitone Pulsar

Skincare is one of my biggest loves and having a good skincare routine has become very important for me. Especially since I started doing makeup and having more makeup than normal being put on my skin and taken off numerous times a day. (My skin really has been suffering and is in serious need of some TLC) Sometimes skincare products can carry a rather large price tag but I believe that where skincare is concerned, 99% of the time you receive the quality you pay for.

Ever since my mum got a Clarisonic and I was lucky enough to try it I had my heart set on one, but with a price range from £99-£179 it was far more than I could ever afford so it was left on my wish list and believed it would be staying there for good.

A couple of weeks ago I was approached to review a new skincare cleansing and toning system called the Magnitone Pulsar(£129.00)*.  Honestly I couldn’t reply to the email fast enough I knew I needed this little beauty in my life and couldn’t wait to receive it and get started.
Before I begin my review I wanted to mention my skin type and problem areas so you get an idea of what I want and look for in a product.

I have combination/oily skin, I am dry around my cheeks and forehead and unfortunately I’m ridiculously oily everywhere else (it’s the biggest pain in the bum). I have spots around my chin and the sides of my face,  and at times  I can find it difficult to find  products that actually benefit my skin and get rid of my unwanted spots, blemishes and red marks.

What is Magnitone Pulsar?
It is a daily skin cleansing and toning system for face & body to effectively cleanse, refresh and stimulate your skin, helping to give it a wonderful natural youthful glow. It is waterproof and can be used in the bath and shower and one quick charge (75 min) of the tool gives enough power for 3 weeks of everyday use.
I am not going to lie, the list of amazing benefits of using Magnitone Pulsar for just 7 Days made me super excited to get started.

1.       More effective deep cleansing and removal of impurities
2.       Can help to increase collagen level in skin
3.       Softer, smoother and clearer looking skin tone
4.       Noticeable increase in blood circulation to the skin
5.       Firmer, tighter feeling skin texture
6.       Helps reduce appearance of visible pores
7.       Can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
8.       Gentle exfoliation of dry skin for silkier arms and legs
9.       Helps reduce razor rash and irritation after hair removal
10.   Enhanced moisture and nutrient absorption of your regular skin products (SPF, self-tan, moisturizers).

The design of the brush is simple. The charging/docking station plugs into the wall and you can keep it on your bathroom shelf. The brush needs charging every 3-4 weeks if you use it daily, so you don't have to keep it plugged in. Magnitone Pulsar is super easy to use and comes with two buttons: the on/off button and a mode button to change speed settings. 

The brush is designed for use on both the face and the body and has four cleansing modes to suit all skin types. The system is fully waterproof, which is great, especially for use over the body in the shower. The rubbery coating makes it really easy to grip and control, even when the system is wet.

There are four settings too choose from. Each mode works at a different speed:
  • Sensitive Setting, for sensitive skin, or sensitive areas of your face. Works best with the sensitive brush.
  •     Pulse Lift Massage Mode, this setting helps to improve blood circulation and I have been using it on scarred areas of my face and neck. It feels very pleasant and really stimulates the skin.
  • Exfoliate, I don't use this setting every day, only when I have to get rid of some dry patches or when my skin is looking a bit dull. I prefer using the sensitive mode for normal cleansing.
  • Deep Cleanse, I use this mode on my T-zone to get rid of all the impurities and reduce the size of pores.

Two brush heads are supplied with the system, one for use on the body, one for the face. You can also buy sensitive skin brushes which are a little softer. The brushes supplied are quite soft, but firm enough to give a good clean and exfoliate. When the brush is turned on the system uses electromagnetic technology and the brush head vibrates and pulses, in fact it oscillates 15,000 times a minute. The brush has a sort of suspension system to it, so it moves with the shape of your face.
Once my 7 days is up I will do a full review of the product including results and how I feel about it. I honestly can’t wait to get started.


  1. Wow, you are so lucky that you get to try this out! It sounds amazing, what a great review. I'm really looking forward to reading what you think about it :)

    1. Yes I know I feel very lucky. :) It really is brilliant, I have the second part to this with all the results and what I think coming up in the next few days. :) Xxx