21 Mar 2014

Magnitone Pulsar. Worth the Hype?

I have now been using the Magnitone Pulsar for well over two weeks (sorry this post is so late but I have been really poorly) and in that time I have been using the Pulsar to cleanse every morning and every evening. Although a cleansing brush, the Magnitone Pulsar will ex foliate your skin due to the nature of the brush so I have discovered using a gel cleanser works best as it's not too harsh on the skin and there's no extra ex foliating particles (I wouldn't want to over ex foliate and damaged my skin). To use I apply my cleanser as usual and use the Pulsar in an upward movement. It doesn't feel abrasive when in use and it's quite a relaxing way to cleanse. The movement of the Pulsar works well to unsettle any trapped dirt, grime and make-up from my skin, removing it effectively. 

For me, a cleansing brush is a fabulous step in your skincare routine, I will now be alternating and using this every other night or every few nights, as it's not something my skin needs every single day.

After use my skin is instantly softer and smoother to the touch and I have also noticed my normal skincare products (Clarins cleanser, toner and moisturiser which I have already done a full review on) working better since I started using the Pulsar. My skin is looking clearer and brighter  too.

 I haven't used the body brush head as much as I should, it's insane how lazy I am when it comes to skin care on my body but I really am trying so hard to integrate it into my shower/bath time routine because I know my skin will benefit from it so much, I have also heard great things about it removing fake tan which is always a major plus. 

Overall though, I'm really very impressed. You need to invest to see professional, long-lasting benefits. You will not be disappointed.

Have you tried the Pulsar, what are your thoughts?

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