29 Mar 2014

Sex Bomb

Hello lovelies, today I'll be reviewing the first bath bomb I've ever tried, Lush's Sex Bomb. Actually called a bath ballistic but we all know it’s a bath bomb (why people use these funny names I will never understand). If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know Lush is brand that I have only recently started using (don’t ask me why because it’s absolutely gorgeous) and am now completely obsessed with.

Lush is a cruelty-free brand that focuses on making hand-made cosmetics, including bath products, lotions, and more recently colour cosmetics.


Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid-These are the ingredients used to get the bath bombs to fizz.

Soya Milk - Used to create a creamy and indulgent bath and as a skin softener.

Synthetic Musk - Lush say they only use synthetic musk because real musk comes from animal sources.

Jasmine Absolute-Often used in cosmetics but in some cultures it is used to ease depression, muscle complaints and stress related conditions.

Clary Sage Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil-Clary Sage is used for its fragrance. It is said to relax the mind and bring out deeper responses of our body. Ylang Ylang is also used for relaxation and stress relieving scents.

Titanium Dioxide- Aids colouration and opacity.

If you've ever gone into Lush, it’s very likely that you have tried “Sex Bomb”. If you are a Lush virgin like I was until very recently I highly recommend this being the first product you try, it’s one of their most popular bath bombs mainly because it’s absolutely huge, really pretty and packed with roses. It’s so girly and smells absolutely incredible.

So upon dropping it into the bath as you can imagine it’s a fizzing pink explosion, I love watching the bomb fizz away, and watching the turn lovely bright pink. You are immediately greeted by the beautiful floral smell of jasmine and a hint of rose. It’s an absolutely beautiful smell that stays in the bathroom for hours.

The bomb has little "rose petals" that when the bomb dissolves, they scatter themselves all over the bath; I thought this was such a cute touch.

When I left the tub, my skin felt more moisturised than it did before my bath and the scent of Jasmine lingered on my skin long after. It didn't linger strongly, but I could smell it myself if I gave my arm a sniff.
The jasmine scent is positively lovely, and I find it so relaxing.


The jasmine scent is wonderful and lingers long after your bath is over on both you and your bathroom.

It turns the bath a milky bright pink, but it doesn't stain the tub or leave a ring around it.

The bath water is very moisturizing both while you're in the bath and out, though I wouldn't skip moisturizer.
It's very luxurious feeling and a wonderful treat.


It’s not often I say this but there is honestly nothing I dislike about this product. I just love it so much and would recommend it to anyone who is partial to a nice relaxing bath.

Have you tried the “Sex Bomb”, what Lush product is your favourite?


  1. I love Lush products so much this bath bomb sounds so good! Definitely going to try it, would love if you could check out my blog! X


    1. I am a new LUSH addict, I absolutely love this bath bomb. :) I will definitely check it out gorgeous. :) Xxx

  2. Can't believe you've only just tried Lush - trust me, you're going to be addicted! :) I love this bomb! Definitely looking forward to some more reviews!


    1. I am definitely a new addict, I can't have a bath without a LUSH product now, its absolutely crazy. :) Xxx