3 Jun 2014

Soap and Glory, Archery

Hey Beauties, so as you may or may not have noticed I am really loving brow products at the minute so today I have another review for you. Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil.

I had been ummming and ahhhing over this product for a long time and on a recent trip to boots I once again found myself standing in front of the soap and glory display with this in my hand so I finally decide to purchase it as part of the 3 for 2 offer and haven’t stopped using it since.

What Soap and Glory say:
"Soap & Glory Archery  Brow Tint and Pencil is a double-ended brow tint and precision shaping pencil for fuller, beautifully shaped brows."

The packaging is pretty simple and sturdy. It's a double ended stick that keeps the product nice and safe.
When it comes to eyebrows I am completely and utterly obsessed, and although I like my brows because they are quite full and thick, I have to fill them in because in places they can be a bit patchy.

Sometimes my eyebrows also just need a little defining too so I'm a big fan of eyebrow makeup and think it's essential for achieving beautiful brows.

 The product contains two ends, a precision pencil and an eyebrow tint. So, the pencil, I find it really  dry and hard to work with as it seems to really drag the skin which is a shame but the pencil isn't what I love about this product, the thing that I'm a big fan of is the tint. It allows you to create precise hair like strokes which are great for filling in those missing patches.

The shade match is perfect for my dark brown hair and the overall look is natural yet nice and defined giving you almost perfect eyebrows. If I’m honest I would have liked the colour to be that little bit darker but I suppose beggars really can’t be choosers.

I love this product, simply for the brow tint. If you love natural, yet defined brows, this product may just be for you, my little piece of advice would be just ignore the pencil entirely as it really isn’t worth your time.

What's your favourite brow product?


  1. Another gorgeous post becky! I would really love it if you could enter my giveaway here(http://aribooxo.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/geek-girl-3.html), if you have time! x

    1. Awh thank you sweetie, your too good. Strange thing is I don't enter any giveaways I'm not really sure why I don't I just never have I suppose its because I think I will never win. :( Xxx

  2. This is my fave post of yours, this product looks so good, would love to try it out!!!!

    1. Awh thank you lovely, Yes you must pick it up and try it out for yourself. :)