1 Jun 2014


Hello Beauties, so it’s that time of the year again, IMATS time, who’s excited can I get a “HELL YEA”. I had never seen this tag before but Megan told me about it so I checked it out on YouTube and decided it was a must; I tag whoever wants to do it. Enjoy.

1. Which IMATS are you attending?
IMATS London 2014, and I am beyond excited for it, I'm going with my fabulous boyfriend Cían and I will be shopping up a storm, if I’m honest I think Cían is more excited than I am, the cutie.

2. Have you ever been to IMATS before?
Yes I have been twice before in 2012 and 2013 and enjoyed both years immensely. The first year I went with my college and the second year I took a weekend trip to London with my cousins who are both qualified makeup artists and we attend it together.

3. How are you getting there?
The train, as always, I don’t think I’d ever drive the train is so much easier and its really quick.

4. Are you bringing anyone along?
As I have already mentioned Cían and I are going together were making a weekend out of it and I honestly couldn’t be more excited.

5. Is there anything else in the IMATS host city that you want to see?
Not really, I live in London so I’m not really into the touristy things so much but Cían and I may go to the theatre in London one of the evenings if were not too tired and broke.

6. What days will you be in the city that IMATS is in?
 I live in London so I’m here all the time anyway.

7. Who do you want to meet?
I can't wait to meet inspiring artists, and learn new techniques to play around with. I'm also hoping to meet Gracie Francesca from The Ugly Face of Beauty.

8. What company’s exhibits are you most excited to see?
Sugar pill are at the show this year and they are definitely the brand I am most excited to see, I have been lusting after some of their products for a while now.

9. What products are you looking for?
I'm yet to write a formal shopping list which is a real shock for me because I am list crazy, but I know that I want The God Father Case from Stillazi and I really want to have a look at MAC, Inglot and pick up some Royal and Langnickel brushes. I know I will just end up picking up things that catch my eye though, but that is just how it goes.

10. How much do you plan to spend?
Hopefully not too much, but I have put away some money to spend.

11. What do you want to get out of IMATS?
I want to lose some of the shyness that holds me back in life and converse with some of the artists I admire and, of course, I want to enjoy the access to brands I wouldn't otherwise, and take home some goodies.

Will I see you at IMATS? Tell me now and I'll have worked up the courage to say hi by then.

I tag all of my lovely readers. 


  1. I am so going to do this tag! Haha! What days are you going?
    Angie x

    1. I went Friday Saturday and Sunday and my hail post will be up soon, if you have your haul up please leave me your link I would love to read it. :) Xxx

  2. This is such a great tag! I've just done it myself :) What day are you going to IMATS? I'm going on the Saturday, and I'm SO excited!

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.co.uk

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed that tag. :) I went on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and absolutely loved it, I hope you enjoyed it too if you have a haul post please leave me the link. :)