5 Jul 2014

Makeup Storage and Collection

Hello my lovelies, today I have my makeup collection and storage post for you, this has been one of my most requested posts so I thought what better post to come back with than this one.  

Starting off by explaining where and what I store all my makeup in.  My makeup is stored in my clutter box (I will explain more about this now) on my desk in front of my window, unfortunately my student room is quite small so I don’t have enough space for a dressing table so all my makeup is stored on my very small desk, only good thing about this is its right in front of my rather large bedroom window so I have loads of natural light for doing my makeup is the mornings which is always good. 

OK so onto my storage, all my makeup is stored in my beautiful Clutter Box I have the 6 drawer box with individual dividers (here, they also have a sale on right now).

I had always wanted acrylic storage for my makeup and for ages I had been looking at the Muji drawers but in my heart I knew they just weren’t big enough for the amount of makeup I had, soon after I found “Her Clutter Box” on Instagram and immediately knew I needed one of these beauties in my life.

I was lucky enough to receive one from my gorgeous boyfriend as part of my 21st birthday presents (haul post here), honestly when I opened it I cried, it was perfect.

As I have mentioned I have the 6 drawer box it has 5 large drawers and the 6th bottom drawer is even larger perfect for holding pallets or things like your hairdryer and GHD. Each box comes with a set of dividers and you can buy more separately if you feel you need them but honestly in my opinion one set is plenty, I still have some of my set left.

Although “Her Clutter Box” is more expensive than the likes of other acrylic storage such as the Muji drawers I really feel it is worth it, I absolutely love mine and I’m so tempted to buy another.
On top of my clutter box I have my lipstick stands which my darling boyfriend bought for me, we picked these up in a shop called “Home store and More” in Ireland for €3 each (don’t quote me on that) but I know there are other very similar items available on the likes of EBay or Amazon.

Finally onto the makeup and how I store it, we will work from the bottom up but before I do I would just like to say I am in no way bragging about the amount of makeup I have I am a professional makeup artist makeup is my job, my passion and my love and I work hard for it.

OK so onto the fun part.

Drawer 6

In the bottom drawer I store the products that I have spare or haven’t yet got onto opening, I also keep the palettes that I don’t use as much as I should such as my MUA, Makeup Geek, MAC ,Bobbi Brown, Hot Totty and Urban Decay palettes, in this drawer I also have all my false eyelashes and my false eyelashes box along with my Inglot brush cleaner and my Urban Decay De’Slick and All nighter making setting spray.

My MAC Palettes 

My Inglot Palettes

Drawer 5

In drawer 5 I keep my most loved and most used palettes i.e. my MAC an Inglot palettes, I have 3 MAC eye shadow palettes two neutral palettes and one with some colours but this one isn’t full yet, I also have a MAC blush palette but it’s also not full yet, moving onto my Inglot palettes I have two eye shadow palettes one 10 and one 20 and a blush palette , my 20 palette is my neutral palette and my 10 palette is my coloured palette and it has one space left (for a very special colour I haven’t quite chosen yet), I also keep to empty 5 palettes in this drawer as spares, I haven’t quite decided what to do with these yet as I feel they are just too small for me, who knows maybe I will use one for concealers and the other for brow products for my kit, (if anyone has reviews of Inglot concealers or brown products please leave your links in the comments below).

Some of my favourite lip products

Drawer 4

This is probably my favourite drawer, It’s my lip product drawer, split into four sections, the back to sections hold all my lip balms and lip pencils (as you can see I have a little obsession with Balmi’s and EOS) and the front two sections have my lip glosses and lip crayons.

Some of my favourite eye products

Drawer 3

This is my eye product drawer which I have split into 9 different sections the back three sections are eyeliners, pigments , glitters, duo glue and duraline, the middle three sections are eye shadow crayons, eyebrow products, eyeliner colour tattoos and pressed pigments/eye shadows and finally the front three are mascaras, MAC/ Inglot pigments and MAC Paint Pots and Paint Penitures.

Some of my favourite blushers, bronzers and highlighters

Drawer 2

Face products this drawer is split into 6 sections  the back three being highlighters, setting powders and unopened products and the front there being blush’s, bronzers and limited edition products.

Some more of my favourite face products

Drawer 1

Also face products and also split into 6 sections the back three being primers, mouse foundations and setting powders and the front three are foundations and concealers.

Finally on top of my clutter box I keep all my lipstick stands and my two brush baskets which keep my brushes and all my makeup tools in such as sponges, powder puffs, tweezers, tape and eyelash applicators.

I really hope you've enjoyed this and if there are any products you've seen that you would like an individual post or review on please let me know in the comments below.

Is there any products you've seen that you like, would you like a clutter box to store your makeup in? 


  1. Wow it all looks very organised! Absolutely in love with your lipstick collection! x

    1. My makeup has to be organised or I can't cope, i'm very OCD about my makeup, yesterday I discovered one of my MAC baby's was missing and my day was ruined. :P Xxx

  2. You have such an amazing collection, I love how you organise it! x


    1. Awh thank you sweetie, my very OCD about my makeup so it has to be organised, all my lipsticks are colour co-ordinated in the stands as well, I am makeup crazy. :) Xxx

  3. What an amazing collection and you made great use of a small space.

    1. Awh thank you sweetie, I am moving into a bigger room next year so that means more space and that can only mean one thing, MORE MAKEUP.:) Xxx

  4. A great post, I love looking through make up collections :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. Thank you lovely, I will be doing my must have makeup products for my professional kit post soon too so you will be able to have a nosey through my pro kit too. :) Xxx

  5. You have just given me serious product envy :( haha!



    1. Hahaha I have been building my kit for a LONG time sweetie and a serious amount of money has gone into it, I dont really buy anything else, quite sad really. :P Xxx

  6. Wow, that is a huge makeup collection :)

    1. I have been building it for a long time and makeup is the only thing I buy so its not really a surprise I have a lot, my makeup is my pride and joy. :P Xxx

  7. Fantastic collection


  8. Replies
    1. Awh thank you so much, it really is my pride and joy, you should check the website out. :)